Ummm… not so much wordless, but it’s Wednesday and I’m posting a picture. 🙂

Photo by the wonderful Johnny.

We have a friend who has the same birthday as me… well actually I know two or three people who share my birthday (all in different years), but this is our newest friend with the same birthday, we met him after moving here and after Johnny started working at Walmart (they work together, and I worked the same shift as both of them for awhile too). So yesterday both Johnny and our friend had the night off (it was Johnny’s last night on vacation) and our friend and his fiancee were heading up to his Dad’s cabin in the local national forests and they invited us up for a bbq and some time out of town. They are spending the next few days camping there (they’ve got a tent set up by the river, they are actually camping even though the cabin is right there if they need to go inside) and we all thought it would be great for all of four of us to get out there, let the kids run around and get some time just hanging out. 🙂 We got a bit lost trying to find where we were going … long story, lots of reasons for it, it’s not on just one person that we ended up lost, I think there were 4 or 5 of us (adults) who played a role lol. So we were able to drive around in this beautiful national forest for awhile, before we ended up spotting our friend parked along the road on the way out so we could follow him back to the cabin. The above picture is the view from the porch of the cabin, where we sat and talked while the food was being bbqed. After we all ate (well, all meaning the four of us and our friend, as his fiancee slept most of the day since both she and our friend had worked all night the night before) we started grabbing fishing gear, using bug spray (biting flies are nasty creatures) and getting ready to walk down to the river and let the kids, Johnny and our friend fish. 🙂 Duckling tried for a few casts with Johnny, but (as is typical of our stubborn girl) got bored very quickly when she didn’t get her way by catching anything lol. Johnny fished a bit, Gamer fished for somewhere around 30 minutes to an hour, and our friend was fishing as well. No one caught anything, but it was nice just to be out of the house, out of the city, and out in the forest. Awhile later we headed back down into the city, but it was very nice to relax for part of the day up there. And I just had to share a picture of one of the views we had. 🙂