Kate at Busted Plumbing brought a new meme to my attention. This is the first week for the Saturday Snap Cup meme.
As The CEO puts it Saturday Snap-Cup is your chance to share a story of appreciation with your readers. Being positive one day a week instead of venting about how hard it is to sip coffee and gab with my girlfriends while our kids wreck whomevers house we are at be a mom is the least I can do! Share whatever you’d like–send a *SNAP* to your newest follower or favorite blogger, a *SNAP* to a stranger who gave you a compliment that made your day, a *SNAP* to a new lipgloss that makes you feel like a rock star, or even send a *SNAP* to your kids by sharing a picture of something they did that put a smile on your face!

This week I’d like to send a *SNAP* to my OB for including the kids in the appointment this week when we took them. They had a blast and are still talking about how great it was to get to help and to hear the heart beat. I love that rather than just letting them hear the heartbeat when she put the doppler up to my belly, they each got to do something with the appointment – Gamer with the doppler and Duckling with measuring me. She made all our days with that one move, and made the kids extremely glad they’d gone with us rather than them and Johnny staying at home so they didn’t have to do a long car ride. We didn’t even get complaints in the car, other than one question of how long it would take to get there, and we didn’t get any on the way home at all.

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