Figured out the cause of my migraine….. I had been thinking since the gum was aspartame free when I bought the first packs at the start of last summer, that they hadn’t changed the ingredients in just a couple short months……. guess what….. they did. 😦 So my gum chewing is at fault. 😦 I HATE aspartame!

At too high a cost, but Still!!!!!

Yes, I have a migraine… as soon as the meds I took to knock myself out again take effect I will be going back to bed.

So… migraine super powers – super hearing and super sight…. I can hear things I normally can’t…. and….. I can see in the (mostly) dark a lot better than normal…….

I’d trade my newly found super powers to be free of this migraine though. 😦

So Johnny’s ex emailed with me the other day about the baby, and she told me she was praying for me and Littlest…. I like that for a nickname, so I’m now using it.

I’ve had a nasty migraine today. I woke up a couple hours after Johnny woke up and was at my computer for a couple minutes when nasty left side head pain started in my temple. I’m blaming hormones and the fact I’ve been eating lots of chocolate ice cream (certain chocolates seem to be triggers, and I never know which ones, though I avoid the ones I’ve already learned from the past), possibly my lupus as well, though other than the “fatigue” which is complicating my pregnancy tiredness it seems to be mostly back under control (Thankfully!!!!)…. so who knows. Either way my head hurts if I sit up for long, but I can’t sleep anymore (I’m getting bored and restless) so I’m watching stuff on Netflix while I lay curled up on the couch. I’m currently sitting at my computer while I drink a ginger soda to settle my tummy again, so I’m blogging and chatting with a friend.

My drink is almost gone and Mischief is sitting by my feet looking like I should move back to the couch, so I think I’m going to take his hints and I’ll try to post more again soon.

I’m awake again and at the computer.

I’m very bored, and have slept for around 14 hours, so sleep is out unless I drug myself again, and I prefer not to do that. Sitting here is a better option than laying on the couch with something playing on Netflix or a dvd because although the keyboard makes noise when I type it’s not as much as a movie, so this is the lesser of two evils. My visision is defintiely affected by this, so I’m reading things wrong part of the time and spelling things incorrectly (thankful for browser spell checks), but hopefully anyone I talk to while dealing with this can get past that.

As I said, I’m here at the computer and probably will be until I need a nap again, it’s the easiest thing I can do to distract myself right now, which I need.