Ok, Before I say anything else I want to make it clear that I never expected pregnancy to be the easiest thing in the world or that I expected to be emotion free – I’m really emotional even without all the hormones in a pregnancy, so of course I’m a mess as a pregnant woman lol. And (as the nurse at WIC said yesterday) with all the miscarriages it definitely makes sense that I’m crying a lot…. any emotion change brings out my tears lol. Happy tears, sad tears, frustrated tears, angry tears, the list goes on! 😛

I’ve spent all day dizzy today. It hasn’t been severe dizziness (usually when I get dizzy spells I’ve got to lay down or I feel like I’ll fall or pass out), but it’s been noticeable that I’m not feeling right! The dizziness wasn’t really there until my most recent Heparin shot (right after it I started feeling dizzy, not like I had to sit down, but just a little bit not right in the dizzy way). I’ve been having dizziness with each heparin shot, today is the first time it’s stuck around so long. Also it’s a different dizziness than I’ve had with the pregnancy, and in the past with hormone shifts. Usually I feel like I have to sit down right then or I’ll pass out when I get dizzy. With this it has been extremely mild and constant, I don’t feel like I”m going to fall over or anything, but there is a constant light dizziness. Midmorning I called my doctors office to return a call from yesterday (about labs) and mentioned I was also concerned about a possible side effect to the heparin (dizziness) and wanted it noted in my record, that it wasn’t a big deal, but I just wanted it in there. Well the secratary freaked out on me and had me talk to the first available nurse, so I did, and I explained I just wanted it in my record, I wasn’t super worried, but didn’t want something major to happen later and not have mentioned this. The nurse talked to a doctor who said “It’s not a side effect, it’s just pregnancy, don’t worry about it.”

I will have to update more later (I’ve got auras happening again, going to go lay down… probable migraine coming on) but basically I was told to just go get checked out at ER to make sure it’s nothing more major and will be doing that in the morning as I have no way to do so tonight. And again – I’m not worried at this point (beyond the normal this isn’t good type feeling, but not major worry about right now) but I will still go get checked out tomorrow like they want me to.

Edit: There is an update here … it seems to be food poisoning and not heparin reaction stuff, though I will be keeping an eye out once I’m past the food poisoning to be sure that it doesn’t continue.


My bladder infection seems to be slowly getting better, I’m over halfway through the antibiotics now. I have plans to do a post about UTIs, IC and pregnancy… since it’s a muddled mess and involved in why I didn’t catch the UTI sooner (besides the fact I believe it to have partially been a med reaction).

My migraine is gone but I’m still having headaches… of course with all the crap in the air from the wind, and the pressure stuff that happens with these storms it’s not surprise that I’m having headaches.

My rash has cleared up, but I’m still having skin issues in that it did a lot of damage and drying to the skin, not just where the rash ended up, but the whole area around it, so I’ve been peeling some, itching a lot, and thinking I need to use some lotion on the area so that the skin gets moisturized again and the stuff that is dead will come off and the rest will hopefully go back to normal… that whole area feels REALLY odd right now. 😦

My lupus is back out of control…. I had a bit with this pregnancy where it was “in remission” I suppose would be the way to put it… I had a couple days where I was in pain, then I went on bedrest for the pregnancy and although I ached because our couch is uncomfortable and the way I use the mouse doesn’t help my shoulder out, I was not having lupus pain. I had a couple days after bedrest when I was still feeling pretty good, then about a week ago when the UTI really hit and I started really having signs of a reaction to the progesterone suppositories I ended up really ill again…. the dizzy spells are expected with pregnancy, as is the fatigue… the joint pain, the achiness, the migraines and the general feeling like crap… not so much.

The lupus stuff has sent my emotions spiralling even more out of control. I’m still all over the place (and with hormones and what has happened with my other pregnancies is it any wonder?), but adding the lupus pain back in when it looked like I might finally have a break from most of my pain other than some achiness and the normal pregnancy stuff has sent me into a bad place emotionally. With the pain rolling back in all the darkness did too… I had been so hopeful, but the pain, the med reactions and the UTI all happened close together and really is making it difficult to be in a good mood. I’m still excited about the pregnancy, and still hopeful it’ll work since I’m further than I have made it before, but I’m also really down about everything else. I never expected pregnancy to be easy… nothing else relating to my body is, but I still hoped that maybe I could get a bit of a break. And I hadn’t really thought it would happen until I got that time where everything was calm, I now feel as if things have been stolen back away from me, and it has really put a damper on things. Right now I’m just really hoping the ultrasound on Thursday goes well… I don’t think I could handle bad news there on top of everything else going on. I mean, I know I could, I know I’ll make it through, but I’ve had enough going on this pregnancy that I could really use some good news.