Abilify makes me sick, so today I stocked up on tummy remedies. Ginger Brew, 7Up, soda crackers, chicken noodle soup. Hopefully they help! (Also seen on twitter, which I copied and pasted it from.)

I have no idea how consistent I’ll be, just so you all know, but I am back to blogging here!

I’m off the haldol (It caused some scary shit that is mostly cleared up now and wasn’t all in the paperwork they give you, I’ll go into more detail when I can get to my journal), and on Abilify.
Not sure it’s doing anything for me yet, what I’m feeling may just be the result of going off the haldol.

Side effects from the abilify have included nausea/vomiting, sleep problems (which are clearing up now) and restlessness.

If it works for my bipolar I can deal with it!


On the lupus front – not so good. I’ve got to get a rheumatologist again. Nothing new, just lots of pain from the weather, and a need for more aggressive treatment so it doesn’t get worse. In the same boat with fibro.


Endo – my ovary is waking back up from it’s 2 to 3 month nap due to the haldol (I didn’t ovulate while on it) and is making me hurt pretty badly.


Grief – here’s the big one. I’ve acheived peace most days. I’m still sad, I still miss her, I always will, but there is a calmness about it all..

Namely Battlefield: Guts.

Note: Before I go further, this is not an actual Battlefield game, this post is made without the permission to use the Battlefield name, it is all just me attempting to smile while VERY uncomfortable. I don’t know what disclaimers I should put and what not, so I’m putting this. It is not in any way meant to insinuate that this is a real game, or that I in any way have anything to do with the Battlefield games, or the maker of said games.

Now on to the post.

So I’m on a larger dose of lithium, the max I can personally safely take (based on blood tests), and I started it last night. And with that larger dose started the war in my guts between lithium and IBS-C. (Not officially diagnosed, but it’s what my doctors and I suspect based on the symptoms I have, and my other health history.) ….. So in order to laugh rather than cry I started saying that it’s Battlefield: Guts…. because I gotta tell you, it’s not pretty, and it hurts, and that’s just my best option.

So I’m getting ready for my 5th in about as many months….

The ones that seem to work either don’t make it through the hormones on my period, or I get too much serotonin and end up having all sorts of issues with acting out my dreams physically.

And the risperdal works for my mania, but not my depression. I can up the dose a bit more and still sort of function, and maybe it’ll help my depression, but I’m too tiny for much more in my system.

We’ll see what comes next…. I’m going in this week to start the paperwork for abilify since that’s why my doc had mentioned as the next possibility…. hopefully I can get it free or really cheap or I can’t even try it. :/