So I’m J…

I’m on twitter as autoimmunelife and my email address is

4 Responses to “Contact Info”

  1. wrightrs Says:

    Hi, I’ve had a page here a while but have never used it. I joined and never came back.

    Ahhh 😦 Do you blog elsewhere?

  2. Annie Says:

    autoimmunelife, for years I wondered why the infertility, but it was a non-issue as I wasn’t married. then i did marry and we wanted children. imagine my pain when noone was able (or desired/cared) to give me an explanation; until it was too late? premature ovarian failure was the cause and brought on by autoimmunity. i’m the only one in my family without tales to tell about babies, stories and heartaches to share. what an experience to miss. so, in addition to the losses from lupus and fibro, and several other chronic illnesses, there’s this added. check out and I’ll put you on my ‘interesting sites and blogs’ can you return?

  3. autoimmunelife Says:

    One thing about our society that bothers me is in most cases (unless there are other effects of the issue besides fertility loss) treating the causes of infertility, or preventing further loss of fertility, isn’t a focus until the person is actually ready to start trying, and in some cases, such as POF, that’s way too late. 😦 😦

  4. Anne Nowlin Says:

    Dear J., can you contact me at and also check your spam filter? Annie

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