This page is still in progress, it has links and blogs that aren’t on the side of my blog, but the list on the side of my blog has the ones I haven’t moved over here yet. 🙂

Infertility and/or health related blogs (may also include parenting after infertility)

A Comic Life Indeed
Autoimmune diseases (multiple)

Being Chronically Ill is a Pill
Multiple chronic autoimmune diseases

Busted Plumbing
Infertility, PCOS, parenting after infertility, humor

But you look so well
Lupus, APS (antiphospholipid syndrome), chronic pain, chronic fatigue

Endometriosis:Facing the battle head-on
endo, cancer, multiple other health issues
Note, Melissa has had a lot going on, she says she wants to get back to blogging soon, she’s a personal friend of mine

Endo Speaks
Endo, bioidentical hormones

Jo’s Choice
Health, Infertility, Child Protection (Child abuse survivor)

The Mud and The Lotus
Endo, fibro, life post hysterectomy

General blogs

Barb’s Bumpy Ride
family, life

Helpful Links

Chronic Illness support

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