I have emails by now to read, I’m sure. 
I have comments to approve and reply to….. some of which deal with Lily and I’m not in that place today.

I have a diagnosis change to talk about (which I’m trying to learn about right now so I can post on it). 

I have grief and stress and med changes all making my emotions and mental statuses very erratic.  

Doctor issues, and of course insurance issues. 

Settling back in with my parents for now while we get our health a bit better.

Stress over some decisions we’re having to make that …. are both the easiest and hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make.  

I’ve also been getting time with friends and family who have barely (if at all) seen me since I left the area in late 2007.

And Johnny and I are working on getting out and taking walks whenever his hip and all of my body will let us. 
We’re hoping that our new dr office has our records by now so we can get adequate pain management.

We’ve also seen the kids a lot since getting back to California.


Right now is about getting our lives back on  track, so I haven’t had a lot of time to post things.


My blog is currently just not the highest priority, no matter how much I wish I could write daily.