December 2011

I will soon be leaving on a trip with my husband and one of our cats (who has separation anxiety, and is also my comfort animal). We will be gone for a few weeks for our kids’ winter break, as we were unable to see them this summer. We will also be spending a bit longer than that with my parents, aunts and uncles, and cousins (all in the same area as the kids live).
Although I have not done this trip driving since we moved out of state in late 2007, I have done it via train (while pregnant, and on the way home I was on rest), so I have some idea of what my body needs.
I also know our vehicle well enough to know that I will need padding on the seats.

I also will be taking plenty of snacks and drinks, making sure ALL my meds (even ones only taken once a day) are accessible, as well as other medications (OTC) that can help. I’ll make sure the icy hot is available for sore joints, and to have some heat and ice packs that are usable on the go.

Stress is a big factor to prepare for, and to do so I will be making sure I have things that help me calm down available. For me spearmint candies help to calm me down. I’ll also have my favorite blankets in reach, and be wearing extra soft clothing. I will make sure the music we have with us is calming for me. I’ll be dressing in layers to help with the fact my husband stays warmer than I do, and will want the heater down before I do. I will have my photo album close by so that I can stop and look at pictures of my family if I need to, as a reminder of why I’m putting my body through more stress than usual by doing this trip.

To help prevent some of the stress in the last couple of days before we leave I have started packing non-essential items now, and getting refills on my prescriptions so that I’m set with my medications. I am doing a bit each night so that I can go to bed after, and making sure I have plenty of time to get everything done so that it’s not needing to be rushed the last couple of nights.

As I mentioned my husband and my comfort animal will both be with me, which will help with stress as well, as I can use Mischief for comfort as needed, and my husband will be with me to talk me through as we go.

Namely Battlefield: Guts.

Note: Before I go further, this is not an actual Battlefield game, this post is made without the permission to use the Battlefield name, it is all just me attempting to smile while VERY uncomfortable. I don’t know what disclaimers I should put and what not, so I’m putting this. It is not in any way meant to insinuate that this is a real game, or that I in any way have anything to do with the Battlefield games, or the maker of said games.

Now on to the post.

So I’m on a larger dose of lithium, the max I can personally safely take (based on blood tests), and I started it last night. And with that larger dose started the war in my guts between lithium and IBS-C. (Not officially diagnosed, but it’s what my doctors and I suspect based on the symptoms I have, and my other health history.) ….. So in order to laugh rather than cry I started saying that it’s Battlefield: Guts…. because I gotta tell you, it’s not pretty, and it hurts, and that’s just my best option.