August 2011

Note: I have not made this, I do not have my card (yet), so this comes from someone with a card, whose info I am passing on after I mentioned them to someone and they asked for the info!
Everything in italics comes from my friend.

I was prescribed it for the chemo nausea & vomiting so my friend helped me make edibles using olive oil (well he gave me his recipe for cannabutter and I modded it) ~~~ so I wanted to let you know, it’s easy to make oil from it and if you use olive oil it’s much healthier than butter (and also easier to eat if you have issues with dairy).
It needs to be simmered in fat because it’s fat-soluble (if you make tea with it for example the cannabinoids won’t bind to the water so you can’t absorb it). So … if you take a half a handful of green, throw it in a pan and cover it with olive oil and then simmer for about 3-4 hours… and then strain off the green (I used a cheesecloth-covered fine mesh strainer) and use it in cooking. 1 Tbs (tablespoon) seemed to be a HUGE dose for me… 1.5 tsp (teaspoon) gave the medicinal benefits without knocking me right the eff out if you kwim… and 2 Tbs (about the amount in a muffin, if you use a regular muffin recipe but substitute cannabutter/oil) knocked me **completely** out for 12 hours…

I hope this is helpful for those interested in using cannabutter.

That is the question….

I’m having horrid sweats from my lupus…. so I smell terrible, and want a shower. However, I’m weak with the sweats, and I know that 5 minutes after I shower I’ll need another one. :/

I hate this crap. 😦

Lupus can go “suck a f*ck!” (Thank you to the movie Donnie Darko for that line! Hmmm… I may have to turn that on to watch now!)

Anyway….. the last few days have been more active than I’ve been able to handle, especially with the fact I’ve already been flaring.

I’ve been sleeping a lot (which is always fun when in pain and having no pain meds…..) and today every time I’ve woken up I’ve been in a puddle of sweat. That’s one of the most gross things my body has done to me…. and I’ve got bladder and digestive issues…….

The sweating thing always bothers me a ton……

Anyway…. I just wanted to rant/whine about my stupid lupus flare. 😦

I wrote this earlier (a few hours ago) and forgot to post it here….

Lots of depression today, for various reasons, including over a week of a costochondritis flare…. at least we believe it’s costochondritis, as the symptoms fit and it runs with both lupus and fibro.

Won’t go into the other depression reasons here. Just know that there are lots of them (as if the bipolar needs reasons to send me into depression.. HA!)….

Depression is now known as dementor attacks……