I will have to insert pictures later on.. .as the pictures are still on the camera.

I had an EXCELLENT day today!!

I actually sat outside with Mischief for awhile on the porch, then went into the yard with him (I did this for a short time last week, but this time I went back and forth into the yard 3 times), and after that I went for a short walk! Not only did I go for a walk, but I did so on my own, which… I don’t know the last time I went for a walk by myself….. it’s not something I’m the most comfortable doing.

After that I drove to one of the restaurants that is a bit further away in town, and got food for us.

I then proceeded to use the phone for over an hour …. which shows really well how well I was both cognitively and physically. I can’t generally talk on the phone, especially not for that long, because I can’t concentrate well enough.

Of course that took all of my energy and concentration, so I cant do either well now… and it took most of the day to get my concentration up to the point of talking on the phone…. I didn’t do much of anything that oook concentration leading up to that.

Now I’m fasting for some blood work and getting ready to shower before I go to sleep.

Edit: Oh I should mention this is the first day I’ve done this well since right after Lily was born. I had a good day immediately after she was born, then went back to flaring. I wasn’t ever pain free during that time or today, but I was a lot better than normal.