So today Mischief is being shaved….

For those who don’t know…

This ^^^^ is Mischief… (with me recently)

… Anyway, lots of fur, it gets EVERYWHERE….. I had a salad at the hospital yesterday (my OB/GYN office is at the hospital) and found Mischief’s hair in it (off of my shirt I assume)…… yah… it’s that bad.

So anyway… he’s being shaved as we … I type. 😛 And we got him there, it’s been about 2 years since he was last shaved, and the lady recognized him! 🙂 ❤ Of course, as Johnny pointed out, there probably aren't too many ragdolls around here…. and he's very mellow most of the time, so he'd be memorable for not freaking out horribly during the bathing or shaving…. he just wants it over with more or less….

I just thought it was awesome that my BabyDude is memorable to someone outside our circle of family and friends.

(Also, pic of him in a cat carrier to come….. he's huge, it's almost comical, and would be comical if he weren't so upset to be in one and so pitiful sounding….. maybe a video too?)