May 2011

Infection seems to be a bit more controlled right now…. second round of antibiotics, and I’m going to be needing a partial third round to get to the appt, otherwise it’ll just come back up in the meantime.

My jaw finally doesn’t have a golf ball attached though! I’ve seriously had a ton of inflammation, and have had to use different meds to get it down so it wouldn’t swell my throat shut. I’ve still got some inflammation, but not like I was having!

Ummmm…. IUD string cutting and check was today, things look awesome, my body is actually acting like it should with the IUD (as far as the ways it works as birth control) and I seem to be getting relief from the endo…. I can’t remember the last time I had this few cramps in a month… it’s been over 3 years ago….. I had a few months where my endo wasn’t bugging me after my last surgery (4 years ago), but I had to go back on birth control to help keep it from bugging me as much 3 1/2 years ago, and 3 years ago it got bad enough again that the doctor had me on continuous birth control, which worked well until my lupus took away that option…

My lupus is flaring, but it’s seeming to be a steady flare, not one that really has anything out of the ordinary, and since my lupus is constantly at some level of a flare, I’ll take the constant i’ve had lately…. especially since *gasp* I”m able to use stair cases, and I can walk more, and everything else! I think this is a combo of the psych drugs, the weather change, and just all around starting to feel a bit better from all that’s gone on…. things are leveling out physically and emotionally for me!

I think that’s all the updates I have…..

I’m fighting a bad infection….. One of my molars is so destroyed that it is now infected and the infection is spreading around my face. I’ve had two shots of a strong antibiotic, and am on a large dose of another every day. Unfortunately I’m allergic to macrolides, so I can’t use the really good antibiotics….. but the ones I’ve been taking are pretty good.
I’m losing the fight against this infection, and almost to the point of having to go to ER….
I keep having large amounts of swelling , and using ice and pred to take it back down, but I just can’t keep going that way….. and I think it’s time for IV antibiotics and to get the tooth out…. we’ve been trying to get the infection and swelling down with what I’m on right now so the tooth can come out, but I just don’t think my body can keep fighting, even with the large doses of antibiotics… so I may end up in ER or the hospital this weekend…
Yay lupus… I thought you made my immune system overactive, but apparently that’s only to attack yourself and my body. 😦 You (immune system) can’t seem to do anything when I actually need you to. 😦

I’m currently working on a page about Lily, and I will be writing pages about the other main people in my life, as well as one about Mischief.

I have a bunch of pages planned, but they will be paced so that I don’t wear myself out. I know my main followers will not mind, just wanted to let everyone know what was going on. 🙂 ❤

Edit: Oh, I will also be making my blog roll into a page, rather than having it running along the side of my blog….. I have been working on this for quite awhile, and forgot about it with all that's gone on in the last year…… I really want to work on taht again!

I will have to insert pictures later on.. .as the pictures are still on the camera.

I had an EXCELLENT day today!!

I actually sat outside with Mischief for awhile on the porch, then went into the yard with him (I did this for a short time last week, but this time I went back and forth into the yard 3 times), and after that I went for a short walk! Not only did I go for a walk, but I did so on my own, which… I don’t know the last time I went for a walk by myself….. it’s not something I’m the most comfortable doing.

After that I drove to one of the restaurants that is a bit further away in town, and got food for us.

I then proceeded to use the phone for over an hour …. which shows really well how well I was both cognitively and physically. I can’t generally talk on the phone, especially not for that long, because I can’t concentrate well enough.

Of course that took all of my energy and concentration, so I cant do either well now… and it took most of the day to get my concentration up to the point of talking on the phone…. I didn’t do much of anything that oook concentration leading up to that.

Now I’m fasting for some blood work and getting ready to shower before I go to sleep.

Edit: Oh I should mention this is the first day I’ve done this well since right after Lily was born. I had a good day immediately after she was born, then went back to flaring. I wasn’t ever pain free during that time or today, but I was a lot better than normal.

I’m slowly working on catching up on blogs that I follow, I’ve been away from them all for awhile.

I’m also going to be doing some older posts that I’ve posted on tumblr, but not here on this blog.

Probably later this week.

I now present… shaved Mischief. 🙂 ❤

Most awesome cat ever.

And he's so completely happy now it's amazing lol!

He was trying to make himself as small as possible…

With Johnny.

With me….. I wasn’t really wanting to have my face in the picture lol!

So today Mischief is being shaved….

For those who don’t know…

This ^^^^ is Mischief… (with me recently)

… Anyway, lots of fur, it gets EVERYWHERE….. I had a salad at the hospital yesterday (my OB/GYN office is at the hospital) and found Mischief’s hair in it (off of my shirt I assume)…… yah… it’s that bad.

So anyway… he’s being shaved as we … I type. 😛 And we got him there, it’s been about 2 years since he was last shaved, and the lady recognized him! 🙂 ❤ Of course, as Johnny pointed out, there probably aren't too many ragdolls around here…. and he's very mellow most of the time, so he'd be memorable for not freaking out horribly during the bathing or shaving…. he just wants it over with more or less….

I just thought it was awesome that my BabyDude is memorable to someone outside our circle of family and friends.

(Also, pic of him in a cat carrier to come….. he's huge, it's almost comical, and would be comical if he weren't so upset to be in one and so pitiful sounding….. maybe a video too?)