• 00:13 @mls1199 oh no!!!!!!!!! ((hugs)) #
  • 00:39 Blah …. I know I’m flaring (fibro and lupus) when my ribs are swollen and my chest is inflamed. #
  • 02:17 RT @bydls: RT @DanielSharkov: "You learn as much from those who have failed as from those who have succeeded." – Michael Johnson #quote #
  • 03:34 I am listening to Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here bit.ly/h0tTRN (via @GetGlue) #PinkFloydWishYouWereHere #
  • 03:35 Over a quarter of the way through now, we’ll see how far I get tonight! 🙂 bit.ly/hcbw0q (via @GetGlue) #NineteenMinutes #
  • 06:08 @DanaBaker is that the same as extended – release (I assume so)…? Johnny was on that, they had to change the dose a couple times. #
  • 06:08 @DanaBaker Also, he had to take them every 8 hours instead of every 12. #
  • 06:49 I am watching NCIS bit.ly/95b070 (via @GetGlue) @ncis_CBS #
  • 09:25 Grrr… hurt too much to sleep, don’t know where my pain pills are right now, and was up all night…. exhausted but can’t sleep 😦 #
  • 09:26 So we still don’t know why Lily died, but at least I finally know why we don’t know…. I just spoke with the (cont) tl.gd/920i7d #
  • 09:34 I think the biggest reason I’m stuck at the stage of grieving i’m in right now is because of the lack of answers about what happened. #

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