I overdid it today… well…. in my timezone it’s now yesterday … so I suppose that I should say I overdid it on Saturday.

We didn’t get a whole lot of sleep Saturday morning as we weren’t tired until around 5am (as we’ve got our sleep schedule completely turned around right now) and we woke up around noon so we could do some errands and work on fixing our sleep again….. I then went grocery shopping once my Father in law was available to drive me…. thankfully it was just a small amount of groceries…. (enough to make a double batch of taco soup). After that I did some dishes, and spent the rest of the day relaxing. I was tired, achy, and sore, but doing… well enough to think I could handle a shower later on. So a couple of hours ago (several hours of rest after all I did during the day) I took a shower. And while I was trying to wash up I noticed my hands were shaking really bad. I also felt weak and exhausted. When I got out of the shower I had to sit on the toilet for awhile to recover and I’ve been weak and exhausted since, even with food and water… I’m now in bed with the laptop, my Mischief, propped up on pillows, and watching NCIS episodes that I have playing on my computer.
I won’t be doing much of anything tomorrow at all…. I think my SIL and I will be dyeing each other’s hair, but otherwise I’ll likely be in bed all day….