So I had an OB appt Monday (and we finally made it to one! lately a lot of circumstances have kept us from being able to do so, and don’t start talking to me about the importance of keeping appts, I know, but our safety is more important than the risks involved in making it to these, and my doc would agree)….. during the appt I was basically told that at that point, since it had been 5 or 6 days since I’d needed any anti-contraction meds, I could “self monitor” and didn’t need to be on official bed rest anymore. Well, that lasted about 24 or 28 hours, before I was back on it. 😦 And all I did was go out to lunch after the appt (which didn’t cause ANY contractions) and sit at my computer for a few hours yesterday (which caused several)…. so I’m back on meds and bed rest… and I guess although the meds are only for if I need them (not a constant dose thankfully), I’ll be on both until 37 weeks or so…. but I’m either 34 weeks 3 days or 34 weeks 5 days right now, depending on who you ask, so that’s something! 2 1/2 more weeks and I can go back off, and let baby come (though if I can make it longer I’m going to try to do so)….
This has all certainly had some roller coaster elements to it, though who expected anything different from a pregnancy for me? (I did actually, I hoped for a break from this ride at least long enough for baby to get to term…. and I’ve never gotten one…)