December 2010

Littlest is a week old now!
Here are some pictures taken since we got home Christmas Eve!

Mischief joins us for nursing any time we’re in the recliner and he’s awake. 🙂

She’s soooo tiny! That’s a normal sized infant car seat. Also, she hates being in it!
Her Papa Oz picked out her care seat while he was on the way to get us from the hospital, he told us when he got there that he had bought the girliest one he could find!

Daddy gets to feed her too! We breastfeed as much as possible, but I also pump, and he’s able to syringe feed her if I am too out during a nap to wake up or if there is any other reason I can’t feed her.

So I have been struggling how to handle pictures of our daughter here on the blog, as I really want to be able to share her with everyone who has supported us through everything leading up to now.
I will be posting pictures, but refer to her as Littlest or L rather than by her name.
I have some more pictures to post later on. 🙂

And when I say little I mean she’s tiny!!
Littlest was born at 14 inches long and 4lbs 5oz on 12/23.
She seems to have gained weight since, unfortunately until my milk comes all the way in we’re needing to supplement some with formula, so we do breastfeeding for awhile (10 to 20 mins per side), then we give her some formula, just enough to top her off… though she never seems to think she’s topped off lol!

I’ll post more pictures later on, but in the meantime here are a couple of our favorites from the night she was born.

  • We're currently at the hospital. Water broke @ 5:30mst. 4cm dilated. Epidural is taking edge off. #

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  • @sonjathegreat Hehehe… but not only is it a blow pop, it's super…. it's definitely exciting! #

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  • @lupuschick I'm wondering if I'll ever get to sleep…. what are you doing? #
  • @lupuschick About the same as you, plus an upset stomach… I had chili earlier, so not surprised by the tummy trouble. #
  • @sonjathegreat @sifinalaska Redwine has been charged with some misconduct (with one patient sexually, and with rxes for pts he never saw) 😦 #
  • @sonjathegreat @sifinalaska he is one of the top docs for endo though #
  • @sifinalaska @sonjathegreat Dr Cook is the one who did my last surgery (I mentioned him on BF Sif), he's one of the other top docs. #
  • @lupuschick I finally got sleep, hope you did too. Sorry to hear about the cravings you can't fulfill. 😦 #
  • @autoimmunelife The Redwine stuff makes me really sad, and I'm still not sure how I feel about seeing him myself now if he keeps his lic. #
  • @sonjathegreat @sifinalaska I really like him and his medical staff. The nurses are as great as he is. #
  • @mls1199 LOL! You are awsome! #

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  • Seriously hoping that this med I finally got enough food in me to take will slow down the contractions, otherwise today is the day L comes. #
  • I have a new post up on my blog ( …. I need input from #lupus pts and #spoonies PLS! #
  • @hyperchondria Thanks for the RT! #
  • @hyperchondria Hi! How are you? Long time no talk, I haven't been very active around here lately… :/ #

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