November 2010

That’s right, Littlest and I have actually made it that far!!!!

Bed rest seems to be working over all for me, I’m not needing meds to stop the contractions like I was. Of course now that I’m typing this I’m sure that’s going to change, just because that’s how my luck runs….

Littlest is still super active, though depending on which medication I have to use to stop the contractions when they happen s/he does sleep all day the next day.

We’ve been working on getting things ready for Littlest, and moving, and it’s just been kinda crazy… I am so glad we are almost out of the month of November….. it’s one of those months that seems more likely than any other to have things go wrong, and I know some other people who that is the case for too.

We had a car accident last week… all three of us are fine, but it’s made life even more interesting as we are now without a vehicle…. :/

Can’t think what else to say, so I’ll cut off here….

  • contrax kept waking me laSt nught… thankfully spaced enough to not need to go back to the hospital at this point. #
  • @ByGollyMsHolly awwwww!! #
  • @ByGollyMsHolly I am. Im planning to na[ soon too. #
  • Someone remind my body that 32 weeks is too early!!! #
  • @DesireOfMyHrt I realize there is a good chance of survival. However, Closest NICU is over 5 hours away, have to be flown down there, etc. #
  • @DesireOfMyHrt The situation isn't a good one, and we'd like to see full term, especially considering everything that goes into us having #
  • @DesireOfMyHrt a preemie and all. #

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  • home, exhausted but happy. safe. things are ok. strict bed rest. #

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  • There is a strong chance my lupus is causing my preterm labor, so I'm hoping on the Pred train…. #
  • @perpetualspiral since I'm in the hospital I haven't watched any since Tuesday… don't have access to our Netflix right now to watch it. #
  • Looks likely we'll be released tomorrow, not sure if we're going all the way home or staying near this hosp, but either way we should be out #

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  • Staying in the hospital at least a couple more days, lupus decided to flare, they don't want me leaving until it's controlled. #
  • @3catsandababy that is so ridiculous…. sorry all of this is going on! 😦 #
  • @TxPrincess31 They are talking about a pulse of steroids to end it quickly for me, we'll hopefully find out tomorrow. #

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  • Looks like everything is stabilized… Johnny set up a site about me and Littlest – – updates will be there. #

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  • Quick update, in L&D, have been all day, mag sulfate isn't stopping labor, cervix is chaning. #
  • ok… our of L&D and in a high risk maternity ward, on hospitalized bedrest for the forseeable future. L is still in though. #

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