I’ve got to tell you, this bed rest… it’s an odd place to be.

I’ve been here before with this pregnancy, and know it’s not quite as odd if they just have you taking it easy as it is when they tell you your baby’s head is engaged and you are in very early labor (thankfully not affecting the cervix yet)….

Having Littlest’s head engaged has taken this all to a new level though. I mean… there is a head in my actual pelvis, pushing on my cervix, rectum and tailbone, and everything else around there. My milk came in… that was weird. My mucus plug started thinning as well, though thankfully it didn’t all come out at once… it was just definitely thinning and slowly coming out bit by bit.

The odd place to be though, is that I would love to have Littlest born now because I’m in a decent amount of pain due to bedrest and his/her location, and at the same time I’m hoping this lasts another 7 to 8 weeks. It’s so odd to have those thoughts and feelings wrestling in me. Of course the stronger hope is that we make it to full term, but there is that part of me that is really unsure how long I can physically handle how things are right now. I also realize Littlest will be here before I know it, but looking at it from where I’m at right now, it seems like it’s going to be forever….

Edit: Oh. .. I forgot to mention… other than the occasional contraction labor has halted, thanks to a combination of a medication (one I actually had in the house lol) and staying down most of the time. My milk has stopped leaking (though it is still there), and my mucus plug has stopped breaking apart. The only signs left of my PTL experience are the contractions when they show. Of course I’m still taking it easy to avoid it all starting up again, but the good news is that it is calm for now.