So I have a cyst that seems to be getting ready to pop (yes… even though I’m right around the third trimester – either I hit it Monday, or last Monday was the big day, depending on where you look) I’m still dealing with cysts… I seem to have had them the whole pregnancy.
I decided awhile ago I was going to come lay down in our bed and take a nap…. after laying here for a bit I started having a lot of pain hit….. running from just below my lowest ribs on my left side, to mid thigh… .eventually it started running all the way down my left to my foot….. I ended up nauseated and having just a lot of pain…
Thankfullly I still had the laptop in our room from last night when I was trying to wind down for sleep… so I was able to roll over and grab it, start it up, and message Johnny asking him to get me ginger brew (Reeds Extra Ginger Brew is a wonderful thing), toast and some pain meds… and he did it for me. He then helped me sit up so I could actually use those things… and brought my glasses to me so I can lay here using the laptop and distract myself.
I’m so tired of cysts though… yet another sign I shouldn’t do another pregnancy… at least when I’m not pregnant they only happen every 3 cycles at the most frequent… they’ve been continuous while pregnant though. 😦

The good in all of this… that I had the laptop in here with me and was able to get Johnny’s help without having to drag myself out of bed (not sure how I’d have done so) and get those things… I think I’d have just stayed in bed sobbing until he checked on me in a couple of hours if I hadn’t had it. 😦