So cysts aren’t uncommon in my life. I rarely get documentation of anything but “functional” cysts, which have to do with ovulation, but I do end up with cysts every few months generally … I should say I get painful ones that often, I obviously get “functional cysts” every month when I’m not pregnant as I ovulate, but other than that. I have had endometriomas (two or three of htem at once) documented before, and I’ve had evidence of resolved cysts, but it’s odd for me to have anything actually show up… of course I also don’t go since I know they do resolve themselves one way or another… if I start having symptoms of something wrong with a cyst in the future I’ll go get checked, but so far they’ve never gotten dangerous.
I have had what is a suspected cyst once so far this pregnancy that resolved itself… even my OB agreed it sounded like a cyst, but by the time I was at an ultrasound appointment again 1) the pain had gone away and 2) I was far enough along that they couldn’t get a shot of my ovaries anymore. Today I noticed I’m having that pain on my left side now…. it’s just a certain type of pain, and usually since it’s pretty centered in an area it’s obvious it’s not just endo flares. We’ll see what happens this time around with the cyst. :/
In cyst related news… a family member (I will leave privacy intact and just leave it there, not my news to tell, other than how it affects me) has been diagnosed with PCOS recently. Please keep her (and her spouse) in your thoughts as they deal with this and the infertility related to it. Anyway… this helps strengthen my wonder if maybe I have a mild case of PCOS and that’s why I have these cysts, or at least why I get them as often as I do. There are a couple of family members who have had cyst issues in the past… one I suspect endo in because of the family connection there, and one who may have PCOS from what I understand… though I have heard this through another family member, the PCOS suspicion in this other relative has not been diagnosed (though there was apparently cyst activity there, again heard through another family member, who should be in the know), and the family member in this instance never mentioned cysts or any of that to me. So this could be another part of the puzzle for me. All I know… something causes me to regularly have cysts, which (thankfully) resolve themselves.
Other things (well thing…)…. I have a cold sore, and it’s driving me nuts. And… I can’t treat them the way normal people can treat theirs…. I don’t know what it is about the lupus becoming a more active part of my life, but for some reason instead of healing my cold sores, all the creams and things just make them last longer and get worse. 😦 I have yet to find (in the past two years or so) a treatment I can actually use. 😦 Hopefully one of these days I’ll at least find a way to take some of the sting out again….
A friend recommended apple cider vinegar on them… I’m going to try that. She said it stings when you do it (not surprising considering it’s vinegar, but I am grateful for the warning), but if it shortens the time and nastiness of this cold sore, I’m all for it!!