We did not find out the gender today, but we did get to see all the organs and everything (other than gender, as I said)…

Littlest was showing the fact s/he does belong in this family – being completely stubborn, blocking us from getting all the heart pictures (that has been the big concern due to the fact a heart defect runs in my family, as due murmurs and the fact my lupus can cause heart problems for Littlest as well). Also, when we tried to get face pictures s/he kept turning away and/or using hands to block us from getting many good face pictures lol.

Everything looks good! S/he’s small at this point, but other than that everything looks good, and the size isn’t a big deal at this point, though we do now have an extra appointment with the perinatologist beyond what was originally expected … we go back in 7 weeks or so. The doctor isn’t too worried about anything at this point, but does want to follow the size and make sure that growth does start happening properly.

I have not been told to go on bed rest, but I am to take it as easy as I can.