I mentioned in my last post that I was going on bedrest. This has proven to be a very good decision, as I am actually able to move around some without cramps again, the spotting hasn’t happened since … it was either Tuesday night or Wednesday morning that I last had any sign of it, the cramps are a lot less painful, though they do still show up no matter what I’m doing, and they are much less frequent. I do still get groups of cramps … sometimes an hour or two of cramping, after which they go back away on their own. I think we will continue this way of handling things, I’ve also managed to get my pain med usage down A LOT! I think the physical therapy and stretches (the ones that I’m still doing, my nurse, PT and I agreed there are a couple that I shouldn’t be doing) are helping with my pain too, as are the back massages from my therapist and from Johnny. Things are definitely better now… I can even sit at my PC for awhile again, since baby doesn’t like the laptop (even with it lower on my thighs and nowhere near my belly s/he gets more active when I use it… and I’ve been able to help with small amounts of laundry and dishes, as long as I listen to my body and don’t overdo it, and I do it at times where I’m not cramping. Over all I spend a lot of time napping, sleeping, or laying on the couch watching things.
The best news…. Littlest is still very active… and becoming more so!