I had another appointment today. All four (well, five if you count Littlest, though there wasn’t a choice for him lol) of us went. The kids each got to take part in the appointment. We’d decided since they won’t be with us much longer, and won’t be back here again until Littlest is somewhere between 4 and 6 months old, that they should go with us so they could hear the heartbeat.
When my OB came in, once she got set up (she’d done a morning surgery, and was running rounds right before my appt, she had a woman who was at 9cm so she expected a delivery not long after my appointment) she told the kids she needed two helpers. Gamer helped with the doppler, and Duckling got to help hold the measuring tape and measure fundal height, though we aren’t at that point yet for it to be accurate.
We discussed meds, I’m officially changed off the shots and back on 81mg aspirin (though, this change happened after my last appt when I was getting sick and in tears each time we’d do a shot, my peri had said I could go off, but he wanted my OB to give the final word), I’m off my flexiril (which is a relief to all of us, we’d rather I not be on any muscle relaxants), I’m lowering my vicodin dose back down to as infrequent as possible… I’ve had 1/2 today. She was glad to hear that I’m going to go to therapy and a psychiatrist, and told me what meds I can be on if the psych feels they are necessary to stabilize me. Littlest and I will be weaned off of them prior to birth, then I’ll go back on them post birth, because there is a risk of withdrawal in the baby if I stay on them through birth.
We also decided I need to do physical therapy due to my back and leg pain, so we’re adding that to my busy schedule. I should get a call from the physical therapy place tomorrow to set up an appointment. If I still don’t hear from them I’ll be calling my OB’s office again to make sure the referral actually got sent.
My busy schedule now includes WIC (still monthly, they said I could go longer, but we’re still more comfortable tracking my weight with them since they are handling dietary needs and can give me meal ideas); my home nurse (every two weeks for now, it will go back to every week around birth); counseling/therapy – no idea how often yet; physical therapy – no idea how often yet; my perinatologist – depending on this next appointment we’ll see if I go back to him, or just increase OB appointments; my OB – who I see again in four weeks, it will likely go to every two weeks after that appointment…. I think that’s everything pregnancy related, but I’m not entirely sure. So quite a bit going on, especially since my WIC and home nurse appointments fall together when I have WIC appointments, and of course my other (non OB/peri) appointments are likely to be weekly, if not more often. OH!!!! And I have to see my rheumatologist next week, and I’m not sure how closely she’ll want to follow me with the pregnancy since I haven’t managed to see her yet during it. I’m being pushed to get back to her ASAP as my lupus has become worse with the pregnancy. So we shall see what happens as far as my other appointments. And those are just my appointments, that doesn’t include our errands, or Johnny’s appointments, which I go with him to.
I’m glad that such great care is being taken with me and Littlest, but it is definitely getting overwhelming.