I’m having more and more difficulty with shortness of breath the further along I get. Just getting up and doing the dishes leaves me short of breath and feeling like I’m not getting enough oxygen.
I had asthma as a teenager, though the attacks were more severe, they were also less frequent, since they were exercise induced (like… running) or caused when my allergies were really bad.
I don’t know for sure this is asthma, but it’s been in the back of my mind that it may be, and from talking to other asthmatics it sounds like we’re likely to have more asthma and breathing problems early on in pregnancy, even early on, and even if our asthma has been in remission for years.
I had almost exactly 7 years remission with my asthma. It only really bothered me when I had severe allergy trouble, after going into remission right around my 18th birthday (like, within a day or two of my birthday), and it came out of remission right around my 25th birthday, with this pregnancy.
I’m thankful to have had that break, but it’s really frustrating having multiple… spells of whatever is causing the shortness of breath every day. It’s making it hard to do much of anything, since just doing dishes or getting up and standing at the stove to cook, or getting dressed all can cause it to happen. 😦