My wrists are bound up again, they were fine yesterday afternoon and evening, so I went without them again (I try to do this whenever I can so my arms don’t get to the point I need them constnatly), and this morning when I woke up they hurt. I wore them for awhile and my wrists seemed better, so I took them back off, only to end up in even worse pain even when I wasn’t using them to do anything, so I guess this flare is still going, and I’ll be bound for awhile.
On another note, I’m irritated at my word issues. I just had to define the word I was trying to use while talking to Johnny (I was looking for allowance, my sentence ended up being “Since we don’t give them money for doing their chores” followed by me asking what the word for that money is)…. and that really irritates and humiliates me. I hate not being able to remember every day words, and words I used to know really well. Some days I’m great at saying what I’m trying to say, others I have to do that once or twice in a day, at least half the time my sentences are full of umms and I can’t even think how to define the word I’m looking for. And that just… it really bothers me.
Both of theses things are reasons you don’t see more posts from me.. I know that typing too much (even with my braces) can cause the flares to last longer as my wrists get more irritated, and when I’m having my days where I can’t find words, I have no motivation to try to type up a blog post, just talking to friends and family gets difficult, and having communication with my friends and family (when we can connect) is more important to me than trying to do a blog post… though of course I don’t know all my readers, and for those I don’t know, this is our form of communication, but I think you know what I mean…