I had an appointment with my regular OB today. The only issue going on with me is my lack of weight gain. She did paperwork so that I’ll be provided with lactaid free whole milk, and Ensure. That will hopefully help with my weight gain. I think two big issues preventing weight gain in me have been that at least once a week I’m ill all day. I may not vomit all day, but I’m at the point that just getting fluids in me is a struggle those days. And I am prone to having everything solid come back up. 😦 I think the other issue is that most of my cravings are not for fattening foods, they are for fruits and veggies – which, while healthy, isn’t helpful for me gaining weight.
I’m off the prometrium/progesterone now! I can’t tell you how much of a relief that is. And, pending her talk with the peri I will be off my heparin soon (even though he told us very strongly that there is no reason for me to be on it, she wants to be sure my lupus isn’t enough reason to keep me on), which will be an even bigger relief, especially since we strongly suspect my latest lupus flare was linked to said medication. What can I say… my body likes to be difficult and react in funny ways. 😦
We found the heartbeat with the doppler today.. .baby scooted away from the doppler so she had to hunt it back down lol. The heartrate is right where it should be… it was 140 something, when she stopped checking it it was up to 150. 🙂 I’m hoping this is a good sign that nothing is wrong with Littlest’s heart since there are a couple of risk factors for it – my lupus and some heart issues that showed up in both of my male cousins on my dad’s side… if I’m not mistaken they were both born with holes in their hearts, and I’m pretty sure they’ve each had 3 open heart surgeries… I know the one 11 months older than me has had 3 for sure, I remember one of the surgeries (his most recent, when we were both in high school) and I’ve heard stories about the other two. So hopefully the good beat is a good sign. In 7 weeks they’ll be doing a scan to check all the organs, and paying close attention to the heart, so we’ll know more in September on that front.
The only other news I have is that I hit 14 weeks yesterday, and am now in the second trimester no matter who you ask! Some people say I switch to the second at the end of 12 weeks, others say at the end of 13, the receptionist and nurses I’ve talked to at the OB office when I was switching meds around said 12 to 13 weeks is when it switches lol.