Lupus is kicking my rear end… it’s affecting all my joints, plus having some fatigue issues. My main issue right now is with my wrists and hands.
Saw the perinatologist today – thinks look great, we also had an ultrasound! πŸ™‚ The heartbeat is great, we got to see baby from lots of angles, and I have a story from this that I’ll get to at the end of this post.
I should be going off the prometrium next week when I see my OB, it’s usually only used in the first trimester, so the peri suggested talking to the OB about it.
I should also be stopping the heparin next week (YAY!!! No more home shots for awhile unless we start my B12 back up), since I don’t have a personal history of clots, I haven’t had any clots come out when I’ve bled, and I’ve not had any other issues that indicate we should continue it, since we’re now at the point where miscarriage is extremely unlikely!
I need to have my OB order a 24hour urine collection for me (peri is in another state, and not a primary doc for me, he’s just giving input on my case to my OB) to see if there is any sign of problems with my kidney function, since I’m still having pain. He is also concerned (obviously, from the start of this section) that it’s my lupus… that was the only suspicion he had.
On to my story! When we first started the ultrasound Littlest was moving all over, showing us hands and feet (if you have the password you’ll see the pictures in the next post, if you don’t have it send me an email… it’s in my contact info on one of my pages). A few minutes into it Littlest fell asleep, so the sonographer started poking at him (Most of the time for whatever reason male pronouns come out when referring to the baby, though once in awhile female ones come out instead), he woke up, stretched his arms, went back to sleep. She tried again and got a couple movements before sleep happened again. This kept happening, then she switched to 3D for a couple of minutes and got a dirty look shot at her before sleeping again (she was pressing harder at that point)…. For those who don’t know… that’s totally how I am. If I’m tired I go to sleep no matter what anyone wants, and if you try to get me to wake up you’ll either get grumped at or you’ll get me rolling over and going back to sleep lol! It was so cute and funny to see my personality already coming through some lol! πŸ™‚ I turned to Johnny and said something about how “Not that there’s any doubt, but this is totally my kid!” lol! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚