July 2010

Yesterday the kdis and i had a vehicle to go to the park in, so we did. I also had errands to run. I ended up getting too much sun (though not at the park, it was the errands that did me in) and cauging more of a lupus flare. I also walked too much and am paying for that in my lower back anddown my left leg… today is also the day I’m doi8ng my 24 hour urine collecyion, so Im sticking close to the bed and bathroom.
Pls excuse typos – laying on my side and typing one handed.

I had a few days lupus free… I guess almost a week. I think it was last Saturday or Sunday the flare finally mostly let up, and I was brace and splint free by Wednesday. I started using them less last Monday, but still used them when I started moving around much both Monday and Tuesday, especially with my driving on Tuesday for my OB appt. I have had my mouth blisters/sores most of the last couple of weeks, but they don’t really bother me or interfere, so I don’t even think of them when I think of a flare. That’s been the only sign of my lupus until I started having preflare signs again yesterday and today. Yesterday I started having more aches in my elbows like the lumps there are trying to come back, and today I had trouble getting out of bed, and my joints are aching more. I may have to wrap up my right knee (well, Johnny may have to, he’s better at the ace wraps than I am, I don’t have a knee brace right now), but I should make it through today before it gets too bad again.
My kidney pain let up when we stopped the heparin a week and a half or so ago, but last night it came back strongly. 😦 I started having sharp stabbing pains in my left kidney late last night and the ache and whole kidney pain is back in force today. The nurse at my OB’s office is mailing down the paperwork today for me to get the labs done to check kidney function. I’ll be doing a 24 hour urine collection and they’ll be checking some things in my blood when I turn in my urine. They’ll also do some other blood work as well, but that’s not related to my lupus or kidney at all.
The pregnancy seems to be going well, the only issue is my weight, but that doesn’t seem to be affecting Littlest at all, when I had the ultrasound s/he looked right on track for gestational age, and the heartbeat is right on track as of last week. 🙂
My doctor mentioned last week that there was no way we could be feeling movement or kicking yet, and that it must be gas, but my in home nurse agrees that with my weight it seems likely we may be feeling it, and Johnny has gone through two to term pregnancies in the past and felt movement and kicking through his ex’s belly before when Gamer and Duckling were in utero, he has felt some obvious kicks. Also, as he said when I told him what OB said “You can’t wake up gas” and we can definitely get responses from Littlest when we put pressure on my belly in the right spot, or start tapping that area.
It’s monsoon season where we are at, and we’ve been having storms the last few days (at least, I can’t remember how long now)… yesterday I got some great pictures, so I thought I’d include one of the pictures that caught the double rainbow in it. 🙂

I had an appointment with my regular OB today. The only issue going on with me is my lack of weight gain. She did paperwork so that I’ll be provided with lactaid free whole milk, and Ensure. That will hopefully help with my weight gain. I think two big issues preventing weight gain in me have been that at least once a week I’m ill all day. I may not vomit all day, but I’m at the point that just getting fluids in me is a struggle those days. And I am prone to having everything solid come back up. 😦 I think the other issue is that most of my cravings are not for fattening foods, they are for fruits and veggies – which, while healthy, isn’t helpful for me gaining weight.
I’m off the prometrium/progesterone now! I can’t tell you how much of a relief that is. And, pending her talk with the peri I will be off my heparin soon (even though he told us very strongly that there is no reason for me to be on it, she wants to be sure my lupus isn’t enough reason to keep me on), which will be an even bigger relief, especially since we strongly suspect my latest lupus flare was linked to said medication. What can I say… my body likes to be difficult and react in funny ways. 😦
We found the heartbeat with the doppler today.. .baby scooted away from the doppler so she had to hunt it back down lol. The heartrate is right where it should be… it was 140 something, when she stopped checking it it was up to 150. 🙂 I’m hoping this is a good sign that nothing is wrong with Littlest’s heart since there are a couple of risk factors for it – my lupus and some heart issues that showed up in both of my male cousins on my dad’s side… if I’m not mistaken they were both born with holes in their hearts, and I’m pretty sure they’ve each had 3 open heart surgeries… I know the one 11 months older than me has had 3 for sure, I remember one of the surgeries (his most recent, when we were both in high school) and I’ve heard stories about the other two. So hopefully the good beat is a good sign. In 7 weeks they’ll be doing a scan to check all the organs, and paying close attention to the heart, so we’ll know more in September on that front.
The only other news I have is that I hit 14 weeks yesterday, and am now in the second trimester no matter who you ask! Some people say I switch to the second at the end of 12 weeks, others say at the end of 13, the receptionist and nurses I’ve talked to at the OB office when I was switching meds around said 12 to 13 weeks is when it switches lol.

Thanks to everyone who has let us know that I should not be cleaning the cat box while pregnant… we are aware of this fact and Johnny’s been cleaning it since we got the positive test.

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Lupus is kicking my rear end… it’s affecting all my joints, plus having some fatigue issues. My main issue right now is with my wrists and hands.
Saw the perinatologist today – thinks look great, we also had an ultrasound! 🙂 The heartbeat is great, we got to see baby from lots of angles, and I have a story from this that I’ll get to at the end of this post.
I should be going off the prometrium next week when I see my OB, it’s usually only used in the first trimester, so the peri suggested talking to the OB about it.
I should also be stopping the heparin next week (YAY!!! No more home shots for awhile unless we start my B12 back up), since I don’t have a personal history of clots, I haven’t had any clots come out when I’ve bled, and I’ve not had any other issues that indicate we should continue it, since we’re now at the point where miscarriage is extremely unlikely!
I need to have my OB order a 24hour urine collection for me (peri is in another state, and not a primary doc for me, he’s just giving input on my case to my OB) to see if there is any sign of problems with my kidney function, since I’m still having pain. He is also concerned (obviously, from the start of this section) that it’s my lupus… that was the only suspicion he had.
On to my story! When we first started the ultrasound Littlest was moving all over, showing us hands and feet (if you have the password you’ll see the pictures in the next post, if you don’t have it send me an email… it’s in my contact info on one of my pages). A few minutes into it Littlest fell asleep, so the sonographer started poking at him (Most of the time for whatever reason male pronouns come out when referring to the baby, though once in awhile female ones come out instead), he woke up, stretched his arms, went back to sleep. She tried again and got a couple movements before sleep happened again. This kept happening, then she switched to 3D for a couple of minutes and got a dirty look shot at her before sleeping again (she was pressing harder at that point)…. For those who don’t know… that’s totally how I am. If I’m tired I go to sleep no matter what anyone wants, and if you try to get me to wake up you’ll either get grumped at or you’ll get me rolling over and going back to sleep lol! It was so cute and funny to see my personality already coming through some lol! 🙂 I turned to Johnny and said something about how “Not that there’s any doubt, but this is totally my kid!” lol! 🙂 🙂

Ok, before I start the post I have to say I love Douglas Adams’ series The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy! 🙂 🙂

Anyway… Last weekend I started having UTI symptoms again. I didn’t want to go to ER over the 4th of July, I knew no matter what hour I went it would be crazy, so I decided to wait until our primary care office was open again Tuesday. I went in and did a urine sample, which the doctor looked at under the microscope before coming in to see me, and it looked normal OTHER THAN having red blood cells in it, and one or two epithelial cells as well. He didn’t think there was an infection, but started me on amoxycillin just in case, and sent the rest of the sample off to the lab to be cultured. We talked about what else it could be and his first thought (with the RBCs) was kidney stones, I reminded him of my lupus as we were talking about medications, and he said that it could be lupus nephritis starting up too. He told me to call back and check for the culture results in two to three days, so I called and left a message today for someone to look in my records and see if the results were back. A few hours later I checked back and there was a message in our voicemail inbox from a woman at the clinic letting me know the results were back and perfectly clean. I’ve since stopped my antibiotic. By the time I got the message it was too late for me to reach my nurse at the OB’s office, so I’ll call in the morning and find out how they want to proceed. I’m guessing they’ll want me to head to my rheumatologist, but I do want to check and find out if they have testing they want to do as well, so I’m going to hopefully hear back with their thoughts sometime tomorrow. Thankfully this all happened before meeting the perinatologist (as I’ll only see him a few times and am unsure how to get messages to him about changes with my health), so it’ll come up during the consult we have next week with him. At this point I’m trying to keep in mind that it could still be something minor causing all the kidney pain (and other things, but kidney pain and urine odor are my main issues right now) and that my rheumatologist does keep an eye on my kidneys just to be sure nothing changes there. However, my concern is that this pregnancy has well… not been easy on my body. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t expect it to be, but it is causing health issues for me, so that is what I’m referring to. My lupus is definitely not in remission at this point – I’m sporting a butterfly/malar rash, I’ve got a sore/blister in my mouth (which hasn’t happened in… a year? I know it’s been at least 6 or 8 months now), my joints have been bothering me, etc., so that’s not helping my worry, and my worry isn’t helping with any of that. We’ll see what the doctors office says, hopefully they’ll be able to get back to me the same day (it depends on if my ob is in or not, or on call, etc), and we can move forward with testing and treating.

I mentioned earlier in the week that we had gone out with some friends for a bbq and some fishing. Well this afternoon the fiancee accepted my friend request on facebook and I told Johnny that “Friend and Fiancee” (though of course I used their real names talking to him) are home. He said “Oh good” or something like that and Duckling piped up with “Is she sleeping again?” … apparently the fact she slept most of the time we were there (after having worked all night) stuck out in Duckling’s mind more than anything else about her lol. I explained to her that I knew they were home because of fiancee, and that no, she was not sleeping, and Duckling said “oh, good.” lol.