So … One of my … jinxes I suppose, one of the things I thought for sure if it happened I’d lose yet another pregnancy, was buying or being given baby clothing or items. A few friends and family members have given us baby things, one a couple of weeks after we found out, the others during my trip to visit family and pick up Duckling and Gamer. I was extremely scared when I got the package in the mail from the one friend, and a bit less scared when I was given the other clothes about two weeks ago. Today I caved and bought a cute outfit on clearance for $3. I’ve got a box of baby clothes going now. We’re still holding out for 12 weeks before we announce to anyone else, and we’re waiting until further than that (probably in the fall) before we really do any baby related shopping or do a registry or anything, but I couldn’t resist that little outfit today! I bought a size 3-6 months since I’m guessing we’re going to get lots of newborn sized clothes right away and it would be good to have a mix of sizes (though so far I have a good mix thankfully) so we don’t get through the first few months, then run out of clothes.

In other news, less than a week until my 25th birthday, and a week and a half (or so) until we announce the pregnancy! πŸ˜€ I honestly cannot believe we’ve made it this far with the pregnancy! According to the two ultrasounds I’ve had through the pregnancy, which have agreed on where I’m at in the pregnancy, I’m at 10 weeks and 5 days today! πŸ™‚ This is over twice as long as I’ve ever made it before!!! The longest pregnancy before this was 5 weeks.