Im prepping for a trip (as I mentioned before) and the stress has my lupus going some, but over all, other than exhaustion (I still say it’s a combo of lupus and pregnancy) my lupus is about the same. I am so thankful for that. My endo and interstitial cystitis are both giving me issues on and off, but I expected that to continue.
Littlest still seems to be doing fine, no miscarriage, I should have an ultrasound done when I have my next appointment if I understand correctly. 🙂 Either way, things seem pretty even. I’m 8 or 8 1/2 weeks now. 😀 Every day it works out is another day further than I’ve made it before!
My shots are going well, Johnny has done all but one so far. The one I did (to prove to both of us I can do them and am able to do this trip as far as that’s concerned) left me bruised up, I pinched too hard and I was really uneven with pushing the hep into my skin, sometimes I was fast, sometimes I was barely pushing at all. I am able to do it though! 🙂 I am in shock, I’m terrified of needles, the thought of doing the shots still makes me feel sick, but I am able to do it! 😀 This is a VERY good thing. Thankfully even though we’ve proven I can do it (and of course could improve if I did it regularly) Johnny is willing to keep doing them, my dad will do them when I’m with my parents, and my cousin will do it while I stay with her and her husband, so I have a minimal amount of shots I have to do! That is a huge relief for me!
Later on today we have a nurse coming in through this program – Nurse family partnership – who will work with me through the pregnancy, then up until the baby is two years old! 🙂 She’ll be in weekly at first, then we’ll be having biweekly appointments after that until the birth. Once the birth happens we’ll meet weekly again for a bit, before going back to bi weekly. I am so thankful for the different programs in the area for pregnant women. I have been able to actually get insurance through medicaid, though it’s not fully kicked in yet; I am on WIC and getting check ups with them, as well as good food; and there is the nurse program. I think there was one other, but I haven’t heard back from them yet, so I could be mistaken (it’s been almost two weeks since I went and did my medicaid app and found about the other programs besides WIC)…. either way there are some great resources here that are helping a lot.