Ok, Before I say anything else I want to make it clear that I never expected pregnancy to be the easiest thing in the world or that I expected to be emotion free – I’m really emotional even without all the hormones in a pregnancy, so of course I’m a mess as a pregnant woman lol. And (as the nurse at WIC said yesterday) with all the miscarriages it definitely makes sense that I’m crying a lot…. any emotion change brings out my tears lol. Happy tears, sad tears, frustrated tears, angry tears, the list goes on! 😛

I’ve spent all day dizzy today. It hasn’t been severe dizziness (usually when I get dizzy spells I’ve got to lay down or I feel like I’ll fall or pass out), but it’s been noticeable that I’m not feeling right! The dizziness wasn’t really there until my most recent Heparin shot (right after it I started feeling dizzy, not like I had to sit down, but just a little bit not right in the dizzy way). I’ve been having dizziness with each heparin shot, today is the first time it’s stuck around so long. Also it’s a different dizziness than I’ve had with the pregnancy, and in the past with hormone shifts. Usually I feel like I have to sit down right then or I’ll pass out when I get dizzy. With this it has been extremely mild and constant, I don’t feel like I”m going to fall over or anything, but there is a constant light dizziness. Midmorning I called my doctors office to return a call from yesterday (about labs) and mentioned I was also concerned about a possible side effect to the heparin (dizziness) and wanted it noted in my record, that it wasn’t a big deal, but I just wanted it in there. Well the secratary freaked out on me and had me talk to the first available nurse, so I did, and I explained I just wanted it in my record, I wasn’t super worried, but didn’t want something major to happen later and not have mentioned this. The nurse talked to a doctor who said “It’s not a side effect, it’s just pregnancy, don’t worry about it.”

I will have to update more later (I’ve got auras happening again, going to go lay down… probable migraine coming on) but basically I was told to just go get checked out at ER to make sure it’s nothing more major and will be doing that in the morning as I have no way to do so tonight. And again – I’m not worried at this point (beyond the normal this isn’t good type feeling, but not major worry about right now) but I will still go get checked out tomorrow like they want me to.

Edit: There is an update here … it seems to be food poisoning and not heparin reaction stuff, though I will be keeping an eye out once I’m past the food poisoning to be sure that it doesn’t continue.