I’ve got to say, other than that flare while I was dealing with the UTI (and just after it) my lupus has been more or less in remission since around the time I got the positive pregnancy test, and I’m in shock! It’s nice, but highly surprising to me! I had heard this tale that pregnant women can get a break from autoimmune issues, I never expected to be so lucky though. I’m not entirely in remission, I’m having “fatigue” (both pregnancy and lupus related), which is a very incorrect word for what I’m feeling, but anyway… and I’m having some inflammation issues in my ribs, but otherwise I seem to be doing great on the lupus front. I think I’ve had my rash on and off, but I’ve dealt with that for so long I don’t even think about it (it was one of my earliest symptoms), and I’m still photosensitive… but neither of these have been unusual for me in my life, so I don’t even connect them with lupus (though I now know that they are a part of it)… I’ve had them so long that they are part of my life. The arthritis however, is not part of my life. I mean it is, I’ve had it for nearly two years now (on a regular basis I mean, it’s been longer than that since I’ve randomly had joint issues), but it’s not something I’ve accepted. In fact it’s something I am known to bitch about. Well yesterday I went to the bank (this has been needing to be done for awhile, I kept not doing it) and on the way back to the car I took the quick way from the door to the car, which included stepping up and down a couple times onto and over dividers in the drive up area. In the past I’ve had to walk extra distance to go around those as stepping up and over made me want to curl up in a ball and cry, and would leave me having difficulty walking. Yesterday I was able to walk over them without thinking about it, I didn’t even realize what I’d done until I was almost back to my car! And I almost collapsed in shock and happy tears when I realized I’d done it. When I got home I had to brag to Johnny about it. Today I have one knee that is a bit sore, but that’s more likely to be from sleeping on the couch earlier than from my lupus! This is huge! I don’t know the last time (other than the last few weeks when I’ve been lupus/arthritis pain free) that I was pain free… I think it was almost a year ago, last June or July! Like I said I’m still having some pain due to swelling in my ribs, but that doesn’t really affect my ability to walk, sit, lay down, or anything else, it’s just uncomfortable if I stretch the muscles in that area (my chest muscles always inflame if my ribs do, due to irritation) or if I put pressure right around it, but otherwise I’m great! My headaches have been allergy related (or with that migraine I blame the chocolate) and I can control them with the allergy meds that my OB approved. I think I shall have to use this remission to the fullest. I’m still going to make sure I get plenty of rest (and my body is definitely making sure I do as well), but I think I will be able to take the kids to the park this summer without any issues other than fatigue. Of course I’m not holding my breath on this, and will still be watching them from the shade whenever possible, but I might have a few months where I can enjoy the sun again! I think my cousin and I will definitely be doing a (still short) trip to the beach when I’m with her, so I can see the beach again and be in the sun for a short time, as long as I’m still feeling well on the lupus front while I’m there. That’s been one of the hardest things about leaving California, and ending up with photosensitivity that affected more than just my skin…. I miss the beach so much. And it’s funny since I hadn’t been there very much in the 4 years or so leading up to it, I think part of it is the option to go to the beach. And since I’m now starting to ramble I will wrap this post up with YAY for lupus breaks, however long it/they last!