I’m officially on heparin as of a couple of hours ago. The prescription is for two times a day every day for the rest of the pregnancy (and possibly a few weeks after from what I’ve read). Johnny gave me my first shot after lunch. He will be doing the next couple of shots, at which point I’ll take over to make sure I do them right (I’m cringing as I type that), as I’m going on a trip to get Gamer and Duckling for the summer, and although I will be with people who can give me the shots for most of the trip, there will be times when I will need to do them myself. Once I am home again he’ll be taking back over for me as I’m REALLY not a fan of needles and just watching him give me the shot earlier made me feel gross, plus it’s not a pleasant feeling medication, so I do not want to be doing it myself more than I have to.
I don’t think I’ve mentioned this, but my progesterone (prometrium) supplement is $120 for a 30 day supply (at the dose I’m on) without insurance, and our insurance is great for generics, but there isn’t a generic for it, so they are only covering a fraction of the cost, and we were still paying $96/month for it. That was a big stress for us as it had been unexpected at that cost. I applied for a second insurance for pregnancy a couple of weeks ago as I knew our insurance wasn’t going to cover anything (HUGE deductible + really bad insurance) and am on it temporarily (until 7/31), which will hopefully become until the end pregnancy… I have an app in to get it approved to cover the whole pregnancy. I took my paper with my information in to the pharmacy today when I went to pick up my prescriptions (heparin, the needles and syringes for it – itty bitty things, and prometrium) and guess what?!? Although my heparin and needles aren’t covered by the insurance my prometrium was COMPLETELY covered! I can’t tell you how much of a relief that was! πŸ™‚ And my heparin is covered by the other insurance, so it was cheap.
Now for the trip part of all of this. I will be making a trip next week to see my family and friends and to pick up the kids (the main point of the trip is to pick up Gamer and Duckling from their other home and bring them to ours, an added bonus is that they are two hours from my parents and some family and friends, and within 30 minutes or so without bad traffic of another group of my family, so I get to visit with a lot of my family while I’m there!!!). I haven’t talked much about my trip as the whole thing has me really stressed even without the pregnancy, but there it is… I’ll be visiting friends and family and picking the kids up in about a week, then home before Father’s Day.