There is some reference to my announcement in my last post so if you haven’t read that yet you may want to. The point of the post isn’t about what else is going on, but it is involved in me actually monitoring my weight more closely.

As I’ve mentioned (several times probably) on this blog my weight is an issue – in that I am struggling to gain it. I had been 115 around the time I was diagnosed with lupus in 2008, and several times since then I have been down to 90lbs or so… the most I’ve managed to get back to was 97lbs at one point, but generally I can’t get above 95.

Last week I had an appointment at the health department and they weighed me with no shoes and I was at 91lbs. Yesterday I had an appointment to do a(n?) urinalysis and I weighed myself with no shoes and was 94.5 so I’m gaining weight again. I was given a couple recipe booklets at the health department, and I’ve been eating foods with more calories and such, so hopefully I’ll continue to gain more than just baby weight! The goal is between 28 and 40 lbs with this pregnancy.