So I went to walmart to try and buy ovulation strips a couple of days ago, only to find they no longer carry the ones I was planning to buy, and the next ones are almost a dollar a strip. They come out a bit cheaper than the Dollar Tree ones, but not by much. And the other ones are even worse (7 of them for nearly $20? I think not!)… so I came home to do some online looking. The ones I was going to buy are no longer available at all. On all of the available strips were more expensive than the ones at walmart or on walmart’s website. I ended up going to amazon and buying generic ones… I got 25 of them for $7 (and free shipping)!! But I think I’ll probably be at the point where I should start testing before I get them.

However, I don’t know when exactly I’m supposed to start (research makes it look like, if I go with my shortest cycle lengths I should start with cycle day 5 for testing? And keep testing until I ovulate? I hadn’t thought of all of these questions while in my appointment, and my doctor is only available a couple days a week (and it varies on the week due to some stuff in her personal life, I”m guessing health of a family member or something)…. it’s all scheduled out a couple months ahead of time, so it’s not like she cancels days on people or anything, but she’s not there the same days every week (from what I understand from the secretary) so I’m going to try calling in the morning, but not sure if I’ll get an answer. And is there a time I need to test? Like first thing in the morning or a few hours after I wake up? I’ve seen mixed answers online to that one, so I’m not sure what to do here!