April 2010

Or as our son says (and would probably say if he were he here with us and saw the title of this post) “Am I in Mario Land?” (because he LOVES mario games, and makes art of all sorts of Mario characters)..

Hopefully my hands are up to this task! I have other posts running around still, this is the one that is pushing to get out, so I guess I’d better let it.

This isn’t a complaint, rather the opposite in fact, it’s just surprising and amazing and incredible to me.

My friends are once again showing how incredible they are. This is not to say they aren’t always incredible, but a couple of friends have recently touched me in ways I can’t begin to describe. A lot of the people who actively chat with me over my facebook page or who keep in touch with me in other ways or read my blog or what have you are kindred spirits in the health/IF realm. Not all of them are, but a lot are. So they understand what I’m talking about, even if they don’t feel exactly how I do physically or about things, they generally have experienced similar things. My friends who haven’t faced these struggles (especially IF, where there are a TON of acronyms and things to get confused on) get left behind a lot with the conversations. One friend has been awesome about asking questions, both about the situation, about what we are thinking of doing if the current treatment plan doesn’t work out, about adoption, etc, and really listening and wanting to learn! Another friend sent me a message last night letting me know that she is seriously considering being an egg donor. With it being National Infertility Awareness Week, and with my struggles, she thought I’d like to know. I’ve shared links to other infertiles blogs, and shared my own story on facebook (semi-extensively) and it’s nice to see that this is becoming a more talked about topic, and that people who aren’t “one of us” want to know more and help. I’ve also had a couple of friends who have offered to be surrogates for me if it were to come to that (and if we had the money and so on)…. it’s been incredible.

Ladies (and gentlemen though you haven’t been very vocal) I want to thank you all so much for all the support, all the questions asked, all the interest in learning about all of this that you have given! It means the world to me, and to others out there dealing with fertility issues I’m sure!

I am in the middle of a lupus flare right now, my joints are especially affected, so although I have a bunch of posts running around in my head they won’t be posted right now. Hopefully I can at least get my What IF done before NIAW (National Infertility Awareness Week) is over, but we’ll see.

  • Lupus joint and muscle pain, not sure how active I'll be. :/ #

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The OPKs and I didn’t get along, I’m just trusting my body on when I ovulate, because then I *actually* know. I’m not sure if it’s because they want specific temp pee and I never got it exact or if there’s something else, but the day I had EWCM (egg white cervical mucus – a sign of ovulation) although the line was darker than it had been, it was still negative according to the packet. Ok… I am adding to this paragraph a couple hours after I first typed it up because some other thoughts came to mind about what it could have been. The test strips I used say to test with any urine. I was doing them after Johnny got off work, whether I’d been up all night, or if I had gotten between 3 and 6 hours of sleep before that time (which has been more likely this cycle). I read somewhere before even starting the tests that a recommendation was to wait until you had been up for 4 hours or so before testing… I wonder if I would have had better results doing it that way. Either way I’m done with them. I think I’ll just listen to my body as it makes it pretty obvious when I ovulate.
So I’m in the 2WW now. And although the fact my last three pregnancies have all been a few months between, I feel good that we gave this cycle a good chance, even if nothing happens. Unfortunately Johnny had a stomach bug or was made ill by something he ate the day before I ovulated, and I was pretty sick the day of, but I’m still pretty confident that if my body cooperates this cycle has a good chance. So we shall see what happens, I’ve got about a week and a half or so to go.
Another sign I ovulated is that I’ve now got a bunch of ovary pain. I had some pain the day I ovulated, then it didn’t hurt as bad, I wasn’t comfortable, but I wasn’t crying or nauseated from the pain. I woke up this morning feeling like I have a cyst going again. I’m going to guess it’s either remnants from ovulation or it’s related to… corpus luteum (I think that’s the right words) and the 2WW where my body is getting ready in case there is a pregnancy on the way. I know last June I was pregnant and had a cyst, and that was the conclusion that was come to for why it happened. We shall see what happens on both the cyst front and the baby front.
I think I have some other things I wanted to post about, but I need to go get a prescription from the pharmacy, and they need their own posts….

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