Ok… sometimes the treatment is almost as bad as the problem.

I’m back at my computer, and a few days earlier than I expected to be able to be.

I’ve been in a migraine cycle again. I slept a lot for a couple days, and yesterday the pain hit… I’ve got to say it ranks in my top three worst migraines ever. I spread out on the couch for quite a bit of my awake time yesterday (which wasn’t as long as normal), then went to bed. I tried to sleep but couldn’t, there was just way too much pain. I drank half of a can of coke (or so, it might have been closer to 3/4), then left the rest for Johnny. I then took some meds to calm my stomach, and went to sleep. It was a disturbed sleep due to the caffeine (part of the reason for the stomach meds was to knock me out, part was to stop the near vomiting I was dealing with) but I slept until around 2:30 (am), got up for around an hour, ate, took pain meds, talked to a friend for a bit, found out about a home remedy she uses (a hot green tea soaked washcloth across the forehead), got that prepared, and went to bed. When Johnny woke me up after he got home he had Excedrin Migraine for me (I’d asked for it). He made food and I took it and knew the risks. I don’t do well with caffeine. I’d slept about 12 hours by this time (in the 15 hours or so leading up to this point) and wanted some more, but knew I was unlikely to get any. When Johnny went to bed I went too, and tried to sleep, but ended up just getting back out of bed feeling like something was trying to crawl out of my body. I don’t even know how to describe how I feel when I have a lot of caffeine in my system. It’s like there is another being inside trying to move around, and then there is me, who just wants to lay still. And the stomach issues that happen to both ends with that sort of thing. My head pain is gone, but between the jitters, the hyperness, the weirdness and the tummy upsetness I think I’ll be sticking with dealing with the migraines the way I have been rather than taking this med, unless it reaches the point where I’m considering ER. Especially since it gives all those side effects and only gets rid of the pain (which admittedly helps me function better) but leaves all the other migraine symptoms. Such as… cognitive issues… it’s taken me over 4 (possibly over 5) hours now to write this.
Some samples of my facebook statuses over the course of the last few hours:
“Jenny feels like Tigger *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* …. Ummm yah… caffeine affects more than just my tummy. I’m still really lethargic and tired, but my body wants to MOOOOOOOOOOVE! LOL!
5 hours ago Custom: loading…”
“Jenny is pleased that the Excedrin has taken away the head pain.. not so pleased about the other pains and upsetnesses it’s causing, though with that much caffeine she knew to expect the issues…. and not pleased that the rest of her migraine symptoms are still around …. *bounce* *bounce* *bounce*… oh yah… and she’s hyper!”

A general headache/migraine update. Since going off of the hormones/birth control and the med I was on for my Raynaud’s (the med that made it so I needed to go onto the birth control) my headaches and migraines have been less frequent. However, they have also been more severe when they happen. I now spend one to two days sleeping in the process of prepping for the migraine, two to three days with intense pain, and one to two days sleeping a lot in the process of recovering from the migraine, so I’m almost constantly in one phase or another of migraines, it’s just not always the pain. Obviously the hormones were part of the issue if I’m not in constant pain anymore, but the lupus does seem to be part of the problem. Also I noticed the other night when I had a bad headache start (I managed to keep it at just a bad pain level rather than a full on migraine) that it started not long after a mug of hot cocoa, and that the migraine that started yesterday (and got severe fast) was after a few squares of a Madagascar chocolate bar, and a couple (smaller) squares of a mint chocolate bar from another brand. Both have decent percentages of real cocoa in them too. So I’m beginning to think chocolate, even if not the only cause, contributes to my migraines. I’m keeping a food diary now, and tracking my pain levels throughout the day as well.