I just tried to cook some eggs because I’m hungry and that’s what sounded good. I fail at cooking eggs, always have… though I’m getting better at fried eggs. But no, I didn’t want them fried I wanted them scrambled!!
Which made me think of other eggs…. The ones that are supposed to be turning into embryos, then babies? They fail too. More accurately it’s my uterus and/or immune system that fail probably… don’t know the reason for the miscarriages, but they were far enough along to have started developing, so obviously they weren’t just failed implants (which wouldn’t have been noticed)….. GRRR! I’m a bit angry tonight at the whole situation… hell…. I’m PMSing or having something hormonal going on, so I’m just pissed off!!
Which makes me think of a funny conversation with a friend earlier:
Me: I’m PMSing HARD right now
Friend: 😦
Me: I’m going into bitch mode lol… I think I’ll stay away from blogging and forums and other places on the Interwebz!
Friend: lol good idea
Other conversation of places I should avoid online (like places that people I know and don’t necessarily agree with’s sites) takes place
Me: especially the last one? 😛
Friend: lol no comment
Friend: i want to keep breathing
Me: lol I won’t bitch at you
Some other conversation of safe things for me to do (myspace bulletins and so on), as well as unrelated conversation
Friend: well i’m gonna get to bed
Me: ok sleep well
Me: hope you can sleep!
Friend: thanks, i’m starting to nod off so don’t think it’ll be a problem
Friend: you have a good night
Friend: no breaking things or killing people unless you check with me first
Me: lol k
Me: expect texts >.>
Me: for permission
Me: lol!
Friend: LOL
Friend: expect the 20th response from me to be something “i don’t give a damn jenny, just kill em all!

Edit: So after the failed eggs I tossed some frozen pancakes in the toaster oven, following the directions on the box… easy to make right? WRONG they had to be tossed into the microwave to finish cooking, even though they were in there the proper amount of time at the proper heat….because they didn’t cook all the way.
Of course the pan I used for the eggs is a bit warped now (the bottom isn’t flat anymore … it was a cheapy) and Johnny guesses that was the issue there. And I don’t know what to think about the pancakes, but my guess is that since they’ve been in the freezer for months now they were more frozen than the instruction writer expected……
Either way, not a good night for food.
Thankfully Johnny picked up cottage cheese for me as I’d requested, so I have that to snack on! 🙂