A friend of mine texted me tonight asking for some advice on a situation a friend of hers is going through. I can’t give details (as I don’t have them, and would respect the wishes of this woman if I did) but my friend was talking to a woman she knows who has some health problems and found out that this woman has to have some medical procedures done that are going to cost quite a bit and she is in a position where things are really tough without the added expenses. I don’t know exactly what’s going on, but this woman is embarrassed by her situation and by needing to ask for help, as well as by the health issues… she has a chronic autoimmune disease that can be quite serious, and she is having some serious complications (hence the medical procedures that are needed). I’m just going to quote the text I got earlier to make the situation as clear as I can without giving anything away. “how would you do a fund raiser or benefit dinner for someone who needs help with medical bills, who doesnt want anyone to know whats wrong with her? Any ideas?”
I told my friend that I’d ask around and see if I could get any ideas, but my response was “I’m not sure you really could do much without giving at least minor details” … because really, I’m not sure people are going to be willing to help without having some sort of idea as to what is happening. If anyone has any thoughts they would be greatly appreciated… both so that the information is out there for women in similar situations, and so that we can help this woman. Whatever is going on it sounds like she could really use some help.
Thanks in advance for any advice you can give!