So about two weeks ago my period started through my birth control, not surprising to me (other than not expecting it right then)…. birth control never works continuously for me for long it would seem. I called my general doc and explained what was going on with the migraines and the period and the birth control, and that I thought it would be good to change birth controls since I can’t really go off of them at this point with my other meds. He and I discussed for awhile and decided to try the Nuva Ring. I missed a call from him later that day as I was in bed, apparently he called to tell me he was not comfortable with prescribing a birth control of any sort with the migraines in the mix, especially since he doesn’t know that much about lupus or endometriosis. I again missed a call on Monday, so I just talked to them Wednesday when we were there (at the clinic) for E. There is an OB/Gyn he and E’s doc have been wanting me to see since the second miscarriage, but I put it off since we weren’t going to be trying for at least a few months, and there just wasn’t money at that point. This changes things. They really want me to go see that gyn. Part of my problem is that I can’t find a website, or any info beyond an address and phone number and patient reviews (no comments, just star ratings) for the guy. With my h ealth issues, and especially since this doc would be treating my endo, infertility and other issues of the gynecological variety, as well as having to coordinate with two other doctors, this doesn’t make me comfortable. When I was looking into possibly having surgery almost two years ago I researched doctors in the area, and found a ob/gyn group that has a couple doctors who specialize in laparoscopic surgeries, infertility/family planning/fertility issues, and high risk pregnancies. I feel this would be a better group for me to go to. I would like to follow my general doctor’s recommendations, but especially with his not knowing much about my illnesses, and how many docs I’ve gone through with the endo, I feel much more comfortable knowing ahead of time that the doctor is at least familiar with everything, if not dealing with it frequently (and since this office has two different doctors who specialize in minimally invasive and laparoscopic surgeries I’m going to guess they are the go to docs in the area, though obviously we want to meet them before I say “this is the doctor” for treating any of this). I’m not against meeting with the Gyn my doctor wants to send me to, but I want to see if there is a reason for that one in specific. If not, I want to go see one of the doctors at this other group.
I’m also hoping to go off a couple of my meds soon, as one isn’t doing much of anything and is a higher risk for pregnancy, and the other is birth control, which could be related to my migraines and I just prefer not to add that crap into my system any longer than I have to. But like I’ve said before, I want to be on birth control whenever I’m on that other med. For reasons I won’t go into (mostly on my end…) abstinence isn’t really much of an option for us. Well, at least not if I’m off the birth control pills LOL! And do to my “girly bits” issues (vulvodynia and/or vulvar vestibulitis as well as interstitial cystitis, and both of us being latex sensitive) most other forms of birth control are out. I’m just way too sensitive, and even E gets discomfort from most other types of birth control. I have to use special lubes for goodness sake…. so yah. Pretty much if I’m off birth control there isn’t much in the way of stopping a pregnancy (at least not short term or nonpermanent ones). That’s probably part of why my PCP wants me to go to an OB/GYN… because I’m pretty frakking complicated!!!!!!!
So this morning I called up to the clinic that handles our primary care and left a message for my PCP about possibly going to one of the OBs at that group instead of the one he and E’s doc recommended. I’m hoping to hear back tomorrow, since that’s when the nurse said she’d be able to get back to me… at the earliest. And I’m still waiting to hear back from my rheumatologist’s office on a couple of things… but I won’t likely hear back from them until next week now, because of the fact that my rheum only is there two days a week, and those days changed to Tuesday and Wednesday. GRR! So I ordered a new pack of birth control and pick it up later today as I’m on the last couple in my current pack. And hope that I can get at least partway through it by the time my doctor pulls me off the meds, though at least prescriptions are cheap with E’s insurance (the only thing that is).
And that’s my latest news, I am adding another doctor to my list. Hopefully the last one for now (and for at least a few years?)….