So I take part in a few different online support groups… my primary ones being and … I’m working on becoming more active on them again, I had been, but between being busy with the kids during the summer and the miscarriages and how my mental stuff was post miscarriages I closed in on myself. So I’m taking part more again. I also have an email group I’m in (a yahoo group, I get it delivered to me) and know of some forums. My friend Jen is currently looking for some online support groups for fibro and I sent her to wearefibro and to the forums from But You Don’t Look Sick and Chronic Babe but I wanted to get other suggestions for her as well. She is in the process of being diagnosed with fibro, and having a full rheum panel run (she’s on the way to the rheum soon hopefully) and she could really use support. So we’d both appreciate suggestions (you can comment on both of our blogs, I’d love to hear the suggestions, and I know she’s appreciate having them given directly to her as well) on that end. And since the topic came up I thought I’d ask my readers what your favorite support groups are, for any illness you may deal with. It doesn’t have to be fibro, or anything I deal with, I’m just curious what good support groups are out there for different illnesses! So if you want to talk about support groups please leave me a comment with any of them! 🙂