So a few weeks ago… (thinking to myself, has it really been that long?) my Aunt D sent a package to me with some things from my grandmother’s house… over the past several years they’ve been going through little bits at a time and seeing what should stay and what should go… In this package there are a lot of breakable things – some little mice figurines (my grandmother collected mice for years) and a bunch of shells. (I’m still trying to figure out what to do with all the shells, I know I want at least some of them in our bathrooms, but there’s not a lot of counter space in either one lol) Due to all the breakable stuff the package was full of bubblewrap!
With my lupus I have a tendency to develop painful bumps on the bones around my elbows if too much pressure is on them, and the actual head of the elbow gets quite swollen as well. I also sit in my desk chair in a curled up fashion (still working on breaking that habit!), kind of in a fetal position, and I use my elbows to hold my weight when I have to reposition how I am in the chair (such as if I’m slipping forward, since I sit on a pillow). I’m working hard at training myself to sit with my feet on the ground, and also to use my hands when I need to reposition if I’m sitting curled up.
I’ve developed a new way to do this. When my elbows start hurting for any reason I bubble wrap my armrest (I generally only use the right one… especially since my chair could fit about 1 3/4 of me, and I sit closer to the right one) and it keeps it softer for my elbow to rest on, as well as being a reminder to use my hands rather than my elbows (the sound and difference in texture both remind me that there is something there for a reason!)
So I took a pic…
This is my armrest’s current incarnation…as I had to rewrap it a bit ago.