So I have decided on a name for my second miscarried angel baby, who I just know (somehow) was a boy, even though the pregnancy wasn’t far enough along for that to be told for sure. I don’t know how I know, I just do. I asked E if he’d like to take part in the naming, but as I expected, he chose not to. We have differing views on miscarriages, especially early ones, so I didn’t think he’d take part, but also didn’t want to leave him out. Since he seems to have decided not to be involved I’ve picked out a name, though if he chooses to get involved before I do my memorial page in my scrapbook the name may change…. as of this time though his name is Benjamin Nicholas. And I doubt that will be changed. I feel a lot more at peace after sharing in an earlier post that I’d known I was pregnant with a boy, and even more at peace now that I have a name. All that’s left for my memorials is to get the things I need to do the pages. I’m not saying this will heal all the pain, but it just seems essential to my grieving process, especially with little Benjamin. So that’s what I’m going to do, whether E wants to be involved or not.