Before anything else is said I want to make it EXTREMELY clear I am not suicidal. I want to live. There are some parts of my life that are very difficult, and which make it hard to live a full life, but overall I’d call my life pretty good. I have some very awesome parts in my life as well, and most of it is just… normal. I do get caught up in all the health stuff all too often, but it also takes up a huge amount of my energy. I have love and goals and dreams and friends and a lot of wonderful parts of my life. I also promised E he’s stuck with me for the rest of his life, and haunting him (lol) doesn’t seem quite like I’d be sticking to that promise! I want to grow old with him, and I want to be a part of Gamer and Duckling’s lives, and watch them graduate, and have a bio kid (though more and more I’m wondering about that…) and so many other things!
However, I’m also wondering more and more how much longer my body can make it. I have multiple chronic illnesses, and right now they are doing tests that will likely diagnose me with another one, and not only will it be another chronic illness, but it’s likely to be another serious one.
My pancreas seems to be the problem. I don’t know for sure yet, but that’s what the doctor is looking into, and I’ve been discussing things with a friend who has autoimmune pancreatitis (I linked to chronic pancreatitis, but my understanding is it’s about the same thing, just that autoimmune pancreatitis has autoimmune factors as well) and has told me (after hearing/reading my symptoms) that my flares and day to day stuff sound like what she deals with. She’s given me some suggestions on foods to eat, and to avoid, and confirmed my suspicion that it was meat causing the biggest issue, but has taken it a step further and told me it’s likely protein, which, looking back and also looking at the flare I’m in right now, makes perfect sense. I haven’t had a lot of meat recently, I more or less cut it out of my diet when I got so sick in late August and through Sept. but I have been eating A LOT of protein containing foods – especially eggs (which are unusual for me) and peanut butter (which I love)! It also explains why the Ensure Plus makes me ill and gives me heartburn.. there is more protein in there… and actually it’s quite a bit per bottle compared with my normal diet. :/
On top of that they still have no idea what’s going on with my heart. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this, or how much, but my heart races for no apparent reason. My blood pressure is in normal ranges, so that’s good at least, but my heart just races and races most of the time. They’ve done a few different tests that “should” have shown the reason for this, and so far they haven’t found any answer. The only thing that is obviously wrong with my heart is a very mild murmur, which should not be causing any issues at all, and seems to be unrelated to the fast paced heart.
And of course I have lupus, which I am treating, but I really don’t think the treatment I’m on is enough, while I understand the reluctance to treat it more aggressively at this point because it’s not severe, my quality of life is seriously impacted by what is going on with it day to day, and while I can be more active when I take my meds than when we’ve tried cutting the dose, I still have struggles day to day with it. I’m not asking for or expecting a cure or to never have bad days, but it would be nice to have a day or two at least once a month where I’m not dealing with it… and I’m lucky to get that every 6 months, even if I isolate myself, and avoid the sun and take perfect care of myself. It’s getting extremely frustrating.
I also have (as mentioned above) other chronic health issues, and between all of it I’m just worn out. Tired and unsure how much longer it’s possible to deal with this, and not sure how much longer my body will function. Some would say I’m overreacting, but honestly, it’s been a scary year, and I have survived, but… not without A LOT of wear and tear on my body and more than a few issues. I just really am not sure how much longer my body can handle all of the physical strain it’s under… and that thought horrifies and upsets me immensely.