This morning was spent on E’s and my health. We both had appts at our PCPs office to get our labs run. E is having the normal works…. CBC, Complete Metabolic, urinalysis to check kidney function and make sure everything is normal there too. I think theres another test or two, but I can’t remember. On my end it was all but two of the tests that were ordered when i was at my rheumatologist’s office the last time (9/29), the remaining blood tests need to be drawn at the hospital, as they aren’t in the tests that the lab our clinic sends it’s tests to covers. And that sentence will probably need to be fixed later when I’m more awake. Basically the clinic that provides our primary care has a draw station attached, and can run certain tests as well. The rest get sent up to a lab in the state’s capitol city, as the clinic is a state run clinic, and that is where the state’s lab is. They do not provide all testing, and do not have the ability to do all testing, I’m not sure if the reason is financial or something else. So the tests that aren’t able to be done by that lab are tests that have to go on another lab order for me to take to either the hospital we live by or the hospital my rheumatologist ie abouts connected with (her office is in the hospital complex in the city she works out of). After I get these last two tests run I will call and set up my next rheumatology appt and will likely get the results of everything in three to four weeks, as she only works two days a week at that office, so she is usually pretty booked up, and that also gives the hospital time to get all the results to her. The clinic, which ships all of my labs to the opposite end of the state, gets my labs back faster than the hospital, and is more reliable about actually getting them to my rheumatologist. So a few days before I go see her again I will have to call and make sure they have received all of the results. If not I’ll have to call and bother the hospital until they send the results to the proper place.
While we were getting the other labs done they ran the pregnancy test that my PCP wanted done before I started the bcp. It was negative… no surprise there. So I started on my birth control, and back on my blood pressure medication (for my Raynaud’s) after we got home. And I’m warning everyone now, it will likely turn me into either a ball of tears or a raging bitch, and probably I’ll go between the two until I get through the adjustment period. If I can get my body to cooperate I will be using the pills continuously, so hopefully that means that I will settle into whatever normal will be for me on this pill rather quickly and stay there until I go back off of it! We’ll see… I’d like to skip periods as much as possible during that time, and it has the added affect of no changing hormone levels since I’m on a monophaisic… so unless I’m having periods every month my hormones will be staying the same (or close to it) constantly until my body decides it’s time to bleed or I go back off of the pill. And if that works, it’s good news my friends. In fact it’s excellent news!
Oh, and a report on the amount of pokes for my labwork… two! And not only that, my blood flowed well enough for them to get the full amount that is liked for the tests, rather than just the bare minimum, which is what usually is drawn if they can get my veins to give up any blood. So I’m keeping myself overhydrated again tonight, then going to the hospital tomorrow as long as I continue to feel alright, at which point those other two tests should be easy to draw for!
The trick seems to be drinking a lot more than necessary for staying hydrated, so my veins stay plump, followed by them applying heat to the area of my arm they want to draw from immediately before they insert the needle. Between those two things and the tourniquet my veins end up showing themselves!