And seen other family members get hit with different things too?

E was in ER last night, we had to go because he had a bad reaction to his latest blood pressure med. He had random facial swelling with the last one after being on it a couple of weeks (not unusual for him) and this time just one pill affected him and made him really ill. He’s also dealing with intense fatigue. Like, he was almost unresponsive to me the first several times I tried to wake him tonight when I realized his alarm never went off. I finally got him to wake up enough to look at his alarm clock and tell me what time it was and if he was going to work tonight. We decided he is not because I don’t want him out there driving like this, and I don’t think he could safely do his job either. I’m currently awake waiting for the right time to call and report that he’s not coming in again tonight due to remaining issues from last night.

One of the issues he had after starting this med was swelling and pain in his knee. The doctor said it was probably gout brought on by the type of med he was on, and that he needs to get his kidneys checked to make sure they aren’t the cause of the blood pressure issues, since people with certain types of issues respond about like this to that type of bp med. Unfortunately this in and of itself brought back a memory for me pre diagnosis with my health issues where I had to have E push me around in a shopping cart one day a couple of years ago as there weren’t any handicap carts available, and another day where I used a handicap cart. They had diagnosed me with gout without testing for it because they didn’t know what else to call the issue with my knee that had me so bad I could hardly walk… there wasn’t obvious inflammation or anything. Now we know it was one of the first flares of lupus in my joints. This was circa 2006 at some point. And with the intense fatigue he’s having all I can think of is the family members I have with FMS (my mother) or CFS (my sister) and how bad their fatigue would be. I’m not saying that’s what’s wrong with E, though if this continues I will be pushing for testing to see if they can figure anything out along that vein. It just interests (and irritates) me that I see E like this and instantly my brain jumps to “there must be something like that going on…” though if I understand correctly rheumatoid arthritis does run in his family…. so it could be that, or that could have led to him ending up with something autoimmune? UGH! I think I’m just still freaked out from the flu the other week, and seeing this going on is really worrying me.