So I forgot to blog about these in June/July after my miscarriage then, and I’m going to do so now for future reference if it happens again. Also because I need to remember to tell my PCP about them, and because I’ll need to tell my OB when we start trying again. My PCP and E’s PCP discussed my case and both of them recommend me going to a specific OB in the same city as my rheumatologist… there are no OB’s in our town/city… we have a bunch of doc’s… but no OB’s… the only one we had moved to the east coast sometime in early 2008. So we’ll have to drive an hour to an hour and a half each way for OB visits… hopefully I won’t be pregnant during the winter or that’ll suck… though I’d rather be pregnant during the winter than the summer…. for a lot of reasons! Hopefully I won’t have to have frequent OB visits. I’m also hoping to have a midwife, but there is only one in the area who travels to where we live, and she only takes low risk pregnancies, so I doubt that will be happen. I’d just rather have a midwife, and see an OB while for the fertility counseling my PCP wants us to have due to the miscarriages and to check into risks. But I know with my health issues an OB would be better, and it’s likely we’ll have a hospital birth, though I’m really hoping to avoid C-Section for a lot of reasons… thankfully E and I have talked in depth about our wishes for how the birth will be handled if we ever get that far, so he’ll be able to help advocate for me.
Anyway… I was going to post about the other ways the miscarriage is affecting me (and the way the last one did, which I hadn’t entirely realized was connected). I have been nauseated in the afternoons about an hour after we go to bed both yesterday and today. This happened after my first miscarriage too, at the same point in my cycle (right about when I “should” ovulate) and I wasn’t sure if I’d managed to get pregnant again, though I knew it was really early for pregnancy symptoms. Also, I start getting mucus changes at the same point in my cycle as normal, but they end before they change into “true ovulation discharge”… about a day before I get ovulation changes. So I’m coming to the conclusion I don’t actually ovulate since all discharge stops at that point, and I don’t get the “egg whites” on the day I should. The fact I don’t seem to ovulate (though I’m sure I do at some point, since I do end up having a period… though my cycle last time was longer than normal, and I’m guessing it will be again this time) and the nausea are (I’m assuming) more signs of my hormones regulating again. So that’s how the miscarriages mess with me (nonemotionally) a couple weeks after they happen.