We are still sick with the flu. E hasn’t had a fever in a couple of days, but he’s still coughing and having dizzy spells and headaches. It’s still firmly set in my head and chest, though at least I haven’t had any stomach issues other than two days in the middle of the week. The worst part is that everything will start clearing up for a day or two, we think we are doing better, then *WHAM* we’re right back where we were, or close to it. E says he thinks he can finally go back to work tonight though, we’ll see how he does. He only has two nights left of his work week, so he may manage to make it through the rest before he needs to rest again…. Monday I need to call and see if we can get tamiflu and if they need to see us. Other things that had to do with court and other nastiness got in the way this week and there was no option on taking care of them right then. đŸ˜¦ But I’m not going into that here.