Ever since I realized I’d be writing about our flu again I’ve wanted to use that title!!! 😀 Yes I’m goofy at times. 😛

E was sick all weekend, and has been improving quite a bit since yesterday. He’s still not 100% but he’s definitely doing better. His fever seems to have left for good sometime Sunday night or early Monday morning. He’s still tired, but he’s actually able to be out of bed and awake longer than 5 minutes now. When he had the fevers he was dealing with he would wake up long enough to get fluids, eat (what small amount his appetite would let him) or use the restroom, then he was back in bed and sleeping. If he’s not feeling completely better by tomorrow night (his usual first night back at work) I’m going to push for him to stay home another two nights (to get sick pay you have to have at least two nights in a row off) and get rested and well before he returns.

As I mentioned before I have had respiratory symptoms for a couple of weeks now. While E was sick they started getting worse, and throughout the last 4 days or so I’ve had a sore throat, a nasty headache, coughing fits, a cough that happens once in awhile but only one or two coughs during those spells, an elephant sitting on my chest (at least, that’s how it feels), stuffed up and/or runny nose and chills. I don’t think I’ve had all those symptoms at one time thankfully, but I’ve had all of them spread throughout the last few days, and the only ones that haven’t been together are the headache and coughing. I’m glad for that, because by themselves they are miserable enough. Usually all the other symptoms are present at some level or another…
I’ve been sleeping a lot since I went to bed yesterday afternoon. I think the last 3 hours are the longest I’ve been awake in about 24. I managed 2 hours awake this morning to watch some tv shows, but otherwise I’ve been sleeping. Apparently I’ve been a problem to be in bed with also lol! It’s not unusual for me to toss and turn, nor is it unusual for me to steal blankets. Last night however I was very bad about it and E didn’t get a whole lot of sleep. 😦 Part of why I’m still up right now (besides sitting with my head over our vaporizer) is so that he can get some sleep that isn’t interrupted by my coughing or moving around. And when he was finally getting back to sleep his mom called to check on us lol! She also wanted to let us know my FIL was going to be over this morning with Lysol spray for us… once E and I are both out of bed again I plan to spray down the mattress, and the bedding that our washer is too small to handle. We have some big blankets, and aren’t willing to risk running them through our washer and dryer. Once I’m feeling better again I’ll go to one of the local laundry mats and stick them in to wash and dry. Note to self: Go get quarters from the bank… LOL!
The vaporizer and vapor rub have both been my “friends” the last two days or so. I’ve also been taking cold & flu meds as often as I can, and drinking lots of gatorade and tea. My main food has been soup…. I like soup, but it’s getting old. I’m just glad I managed to get out of the house to get meds, food and fluids before I got to where I am. I did all of that Sunday night and started getting worse Monday morning. I think maybe the amount of time out of the house and doing stuff contributed to how I am now, and I know that the fact I didn’t get much sleep Sunday night did.

Right now my main hope is for it not to go into pneumonia, since if I’m right and we’ve got the swine flu that’s what it can turn into. Also, the majority of my issues revolve around my chest… and my lungs seem to get involved whenever I get sick. 😦

So that’s what’s new in our house… and with our health.